Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Draft Leeser Idea Picking Up Steam

You've probably heard this around the water cooler yourselves if you work in government or in the downtown area but the notion of drafting Mayor Leeser to run for another term is starting to pick up more and more steam.

At an event in the valley this weekend Mayor Leeser along with several other elected officials were in attendance and the buzz among attendees was getting the Mayor to run for another term because of the current field of candidates.

Mayor Leeser has presided over a council that did a lot of fighting amongst themselves for a while but seems to have come together as of late.

Obviously Mayor Leeser would be a favorite for re-election considering he has higher name ID than any other candidate running, and is the only candidate running that has already demonstrated the ability to win a citywide election.

Oh yeah, and he's loaded. He doesn't have to go hunting for cash because he already has a lot.

A Leeser re-election bid would completely change the race. When he first ran, I completely underestimated the impact of his name ID and money. Plus, to be honest he's done a decent job his first term. Brought in some jobs, and did his best to maintain order in a pretty turbulent time.

His reelection bid would likely force a few people to drop out and he'd probably wipe out the rest because their money will dry up pretty quickly with Leeser in the race.

At least one person mentioned the idea of drafting Leeser to run for another term for the good of the city.

They mayor didn't react one way or another.

::Mental note - never play poker with Mayor Leeser.::

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