Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Republican Ag Commish Sid Miller Demeans Women; Lies About It

In another sign of what Trump has done to American politics, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller used the word "cunt" to describe Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

First he lied about it and said that his account had been hacked. It wasn't hacked. It was allegedly a staffer. But the real point was that a) it happened in the first place and b) that his first gut reaction was to lie and say his account had been hacked.

Then in a move that should surprise no one and comes directly out of the Naomi Gonzalez playbook, he blamed a staffer for retweeting someone else's tweet.

You'd think that would be were it ends. Except one wasn't a retweet. At best, the staffer (alleged) copied the tweet verbatim and then sent it out on Miller's account. It wasn't a retweet.

But the truly devastating affect of Trump's footprint on politics is how many people from the right in social media have been either calling it free speech or saying that people's reaction is just political correctness.

No, this isn't a free speech argument. No one is saying he doesn't have the right to call someone a cunt. Hell, he isn't even admitting he did. And no this isn't about political correctness either.

What it IS about is how despite all the advances women have made in politics and the boardroom, it is a sobering reminder that all-too-often demeaning a woman in the manner with vulgarity is the go-to move for so many people.

This is echoes of Trump's treatment of women and how his defenders have adopted the demeanor. There was a time in politics, particularly within the GOP, that acting in such a way was considered ungentlemanly.

So all you Republicans and God-fearing farmers out in the hell would you feel if someone called your wife, sister, girlfriend, mother, or daughter a cunt? Would you really blow it off as free speech or would you be ready to fight someone?


There is no word from Republican Women's Auxiliary on the controversy as of yet.

But kudos to the Republican leaders out there that responded like Governor Abbott. "No true Texas gentleman would ever talk this way."

Yes, you read that correctly. I complimented a Texas Republican governor. And it was well-deserved.

State Rep Mary Gonzalez, who has long been rumored to be considering a run for Texas Ag Comish someday, was also upset about the incident and tweeted at the Ag Comish:

Kudos to Gonzalez for responding. She represents a rural part of Texas in addition to having aspirations for the office. She is also a law maker who has often given words of support for women's issues.

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L Chuco said...

Tell Mary to call Glen Maxey. He's recruiting an opponent.