Monday, November 7, 2016

Who I'm Voting For & Why

Hillary Clinton

I don't like her. Her voice and her laugh get on my nerves. I don't want to hang out with her or grab a beer with her. But we aren't electing someone I want to hang out with are we? No, we are electing the next leader of the free world. The reality is that she is the most qualified person to run for president in recent history.

Donald Trump is a court jester. He has no discernible set of values or vision for this country and when he has expressed an opinion, which is usually in a stream of thought that has all strategy and organization of a 20 something sorority girl puking in parking lot late at night after drinking, its usually something dangerous.

The scary thing is the people voting for Trump. They are willing to mortgage America's future because they don't like Hillary. I don't blame them for not liking her, but being so petty that they are willing to put our country into the hands of an unqualified freak show like Donald Trump because they hate Clinton. That is unAmerican and embarrassing.

Trump has made conspiracy theory, bigotry, ignorance and a general lack of knowledge frighteningly normal for the GOP. That is bad for America.

Trump has encouraged espionage against the United States. Trump has disparaged immigrants, Mexicans, a Mexican American judge, Muslims, women, and the disabled. Voters would think any other candidate for basically any other office in America would be unqualified for said office had they espoused those beliefs.

Trump has pissed on our allies in NATO, has repeatedly lauded some pretty bad world leaders like Putin, and encouraged the proliferation of the nuclear weapons. Trump has violated the embargo against Cuba. His one endearing quality has been his business acumen and even that has turned out to be one big house of cards.

And oh yeah, he's bragged about sexual assault, brags about the size of his penis, and is pretty proud of the fact that his status has allowed him to do things like grabbing a woman "by the pussy".

In no other election year would a damn reality show host be considered a legitimate choice to lead the free world.

Sheriff Richard Wiles

Every single year we spend roughly the same amount of money that was spent on building the ballpark on the operation of the county jail. The downtown jail is a run-down facility that is an out-dated design and as a result is inefficient in its operation and costs the taxpayers unnecessarily - and we house federal prisoners in a deal that is bad for tax payers.

Those are just a few policy differences that I've mentioned a couple of times that I have with Sheriff Wiles. But in a race that somewhat mirrors the presidential, you have one candidate that is head and shoulders more qualified for the office facing another candidate that is decidedly unqualified for the position.

Republican candidate Tom Buchino is an unqualified joke. He doesn't even have the necessary training and experience to be hired as a deputy. That is an important fact that needs to be understood, especially because Buchino likes to say that he's not a politician.

More qualified to be sheriff than Buchino
Well a politician is one who practices policy. Buchino underscores the biggest problem with his candidacy, a lack of experience. The union leadership has squandered membership's hard-earned dues on a candidate from a party who's platform is opposed to the very existence of unions who doesn't have the training or experience possessed by the very same female deputies he says would be working at Walmart if he were Sheriff.

Tom Buchino doesn't have any of the required training to be hired even as a deputy. That makes the cop from the Village People more qualified to be our sheriff than Buchino. That Village People cop is also probably more authentic and genuine than Buchino.

Seriously the guy is from Chicago and you guys are buying that whole cowboy act? It doesn't surprise me considering he's the same guy who has a picture of a late-sheriff he has never met on his billboard. Alejandro Lozano's picture of Hillary Clinton on his lit when he ran for county commissioner a decade ago was a more believable endorsement than Buchino bragging about the endorsement from the Ghost of Sheriff Past.

Buchino has admitted to assaulting a driver following a car accident when his wife was injured so badly that she was unconscious. And rather than try to render aid, Buchino allegedly lost his cool and punching another driver was apparently a bigger priority at that crucial moment.

Comments about women, trouble with temperament...starting to sound familiar?

Well here's the latest development. Its one thing for Buchino to claim to not be a politician, but Buchino is asking voters to do something in Texas he apparently hasn't in a general election. Prior to voting for himself earlier this year in an uncontested race, as you can see in this record, the ONLY other time Buchino has actually taken the time to do his civic duty was in the 2013 municipal election.

Wiles is experienced and has a track record for running a successful department, saving tax payers money, and modernization and innovation of the department. As I've told members of the sheriff's union, I don't think Buchino can win one single precinct south of I-10 from downtown to Tornillo.

Beto O'Rourke

I guess I'll have to be the one to say this, but Beto O'Rourke is about as viable for United States Senate as Jaime O. Perez is for Beto's congressional seat. I know everyone is all excited that he's considering the run, and I'd vote for the vato if he did, but there's no way in hell he gets elected as a Democrat from a border town in a state so Republican that Barry Goldwater would even blush.

But, he's a great member of congress for El Paso and deserves reelection. He's been an outstanding advocate for our community and deserves to be sent back to Washington.

Other Candidates

Only one member of the delegation has an opponent, and State Rep Joe Moody deserves reelection. I'd vote for him if I could.

Georgina Perez has a Green Party challenger, which is to say she basically has no challenger. I voted for her.


I voted for some judges and I undervoted several others. My undervote was my statement to them that I would rather not vote for them even if they don't have an opponent.

I voted for the following judges:

Jesus Herrera

I undervoted the following judges:

Juarez-Barril (Not because I think she's not doing a good job, but because I don't know enough about her court's performance or her performance on the bench)

Mike Herrera - Seriously, if I could vote AGAINST a judge with no opponent, I would. This guy should not be on the bench and I seriously hope someone runs against him next time. Terrible, terrible representation of the judiciary and I think he was rightfully criticized for how he handled his own case.

Patrick Garcia
Sam Medrano
Sergio Enriquez (but for the same reason as Juarez-Barril)

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