Friday, December 16, 2016

Antonio Williams Announces Candidacy for District 3

Prominent immigration lawyer Antonio Williams has announced his candidacy for District 3, the seat currently held by City Rep Emma Acosta who is term limited and running for mayor.

Williams is currently the State Democratic Executive Committeeman for the El Paso County Democratic Party.

Williams has been an active member of the community around Cielo Vista for many years in addition to being an outspoken party activist.

In addition to being one of the brightest and most-articulate speakers in town, Williams has a strong reputation for his work ethic.

Interestingly he lives in the same neighborhood as fellow District 3 candidate Jaime Barceleau.

Williams announced his candidacy formally last night at a Democratic Party event.

This race, that also includes Cassandra Brown, will pit two young progressive candidates against an older self-described, "conservative" in Jaime Barceleau.

This race may still end up with other candidates and will most assuredly result in a run-off.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Barcelu need to give up his precinct chair seat?

Pepe said...

State Democratic Executive Committeeman for Texas Senate District 29

Is his SDEC title.