Thursday, December 22, 2016

Are You Kidding Me?!

Seriously, what in the blue hell is going on with this city council and apparently, alum?

This council has become the biggest joke of an elected body in the county - and this is a county that includes both Socorro and Vinton.

And this is a council that is even worse than the one that had a member of council allegedly give a hummer in a Hummer!

First things first.

Jim Tolbert.

That is the fastest political fall from grace I can think of this side of Willie Gandara. Straight-up nosedive, face-plant fall from grace. As if the Ruth's Chris Steakkouse Rachel Quintana-esque letter wasn't bad enough...

What is frustrating about elected officials is when you find out they are idiots like the rest of us and do and say things they shouldn't. But here is the problem, God love the guy, but what Jim Tolbert did was wrong and completely indefensible.

I don't know if it is the Trump-ification of American politics or what, but we have very quickly grown to expect very little out of our leadership.

And when you expect very little, you get very little from them.

The reason elected officials are held to a higher standard is because we expect more from them. We don't expect them to be great, but we do at the very least, expect them to display a modicum of decorum and respect.

They should be the main people modeling the decorum and respect that should be the standard.

For those of us who watch public comment, it can be incredibly frustrating. More often than not it is a parade of people that are ill- or misinformed and they are up there for attention and to hurl insults. I've seen it plenty of times. A lot of elected officials tune them out (there's no requirement that they pay attention), and when they are paying attention they are usually the recipients of a hail of insults from folks at public comment.

It sucks.

Hell I remember Jack Bradford make an overtly racist comment to Commissioner Perez about flooding and menudo. It was offensive and of course no one likes that stuff. They insult your family, your name, your looks, your weight, your hair, call you corrupt and a whole slew of other things. And electeds are supposed to sit there, take it, and not respond.

But the City is a god damn free-for-all. Almost every single elected opens their yap the minute they are insulted or someone at the mic says something they don't like.

So yes, sometimes the people at the microphone can be assholes. No doubt. And MOST of the speakers on the arena item were misinformed and annoying. Including Max Grossman who is apparently going for a JJ Abrams look lately.

I wanted to call a lot of the people speaking assholes.

But that is NOT Jim Tolbert's place.

Its not for him to do and its unbecoming of a city representative.

He owes the gentleman in question, the people of El Paso, and the people of District 2 an apology.

And we shouldn't make excuses for his behavior. An elected official should never talk to a member of the public that way, even if they are the incarnation of Donald Trump himself. They should sit there respectively while their boss is on the microphone and keep their mouth shut. They need a healthy ego check to remind them that the people are their boss. And you don't ever talk to your boss that way and expect to keep your job, unless you're Stone Cold Steve Austin.

And come on man, don't talk about social justice and call someone an ass in the same damn sentence. That is a level of douchedom that is Jedi-level. Cesar Chavez, MLK, Harvey Milk, etc fought for social justice. Calling someone an ass and talking about social justice in the same sentence is just an embarrassment.

On the other hand, all of you that were completely okay with Trump talking about grabbing a woman by the p*$$y should also sit down and shut up.

The guy in question has been wrong during public comment. His misled people and flat-out lied. But that doesn't entitle Tolbert to speak that way of him and it lowers the bar for public discussion. Hell public humiliation for the guy showing his recall petition against Niland so far consisting of only enough signatures to fill half a page should be enough for that guys stupidity.

Tolbert owes the man an apology because he insulted him as a person. He owes District 2 an apology because it was a poor representation of them (and they just got rid of another one), and he owes this community an apology because that kind of activity serves to discourage public discourse on important issues.

Jim Tolbert was wrong and no one should make excuses for him.

And worst of all, we are talking about Tolbert's behavior instead of what we really should be talking Max Grossman and all the raza he coopted and spoke at the meeting probably just REALLY screwed the people of the Durango neighborhood.

I'll tell you how they screwed the people over in another post.

Next up...old rich white people gettin' gangsta at hoighty toighty restaurants...

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