Friday, December 2, 2016

Competing for the PD Union Endorsement

I am forwarded material all the time from readers and every time the Saucedo campaign puts out a newsletter a couple of my readers are kind enough to send it to me.

The latest newsletter is focused on police as "square one in quality of life" in a pretty obvious attempt at securing the endorsement of the police union.

Here's an excerpt from the newsletter.

Hopefully the police union is being smarter than their sheriff brethren and will think twice about endorsing a Republican when opposition to unions is part of the GOP platform. But frankly that is pretty irrelevant.


Because the PD union endorsement is very likely going to City Rep Emma Acosta if Mayor Leeser doesn't rethink retirement.

How can I be so bold in a prediction so far in advance of the election?


Dora Oaxaca, Acosta's controversial staffer, just married Henry Rivera about 10 days ago in a Vegas wedding according to the Clark County website. Rivera is the money guy for the PD union.

Congratulations to them both by the way.

(I know, this might confuse some of you in political circles because she was in a 6+ year relationship with Jay Desai, Acosta's appointee to the City Planning Commission. According to Jay Desai, she ended the relationship Labor Day weekend. She apparently found love immediately and tied the knot a little over 2 months later. Good for her, some people go a lifetime looking for the right person.)

Anywho, Dora's married to the money guy from the police union so its pretty hard to see how Acosta doesn't have that all sewed up. Actually now that I think about it, how badly would that reflect on Dora if she COULDN'T make that endorsement happen at this point?

With campaign money being a premium in a race like this, especially with Acosta's many vulnerabilities, she's going to really need a key endorsement like the PD union. Not only because of the money that will come with it, but also as an effort to blunt the negative messages that are going to rain down on her from the other campaigns.

I'll say this for Saucedo, his record shows he's solidly Republican, but if there is anything authentic in that newsletter he sent out, he's breaking ranks from the rest of the GOP to a degree. So I give him credit for that.

NOTE: I normally don't talk about people's personal lives. But Dora is super gossipy about my personal life and has been for the more than a decade that I've known her. She's gone so far as to actively get involved in my personal life (yes Dora, I know about it), so she's the one exception and her, her ex boyfriend, and her new husband are all part of the political scene in El Paso.

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