Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dori Exploring?

Its pretty much an open secret that EPISD Board President Dori Fenenbock views the school board as a stepping stone for another seat. 

And frankly, that makes a lot of sense. YISD Board President Shane Haggerty is running for District 4 in the next round of city council races and after several years of being on the school board the experience has positioned him as the front-runner for the seat. Big budget experience, knowledge of the legislative process, he took over a dysfunctional board, fought for transparency, passed a bond, etc. All of that is really good experience and looks great on campaign material. 

Oh yeah, and he's a Haggerty in the Northeast. Its not like that hurts or anything. People in the Northeast have been represented by a Haggerty in nearly every possible level of government from State Rep on down. 

Fenenbock is a different and more interesting story. She went into the job with the whispers of a run for another office already murmuring. Haggerty spent a lot of time as a member, sometimes as the only sane and rational human being on that board, before he contemplated a step up to city council. 

But the talk in political circles about Fenenbock is much bigger than stepping up to run for either District 1 or 8 depending on where she lives on the westside. 

No, its not even talk of running for mayor. 

Sit down for this one because its going to surprise you. 

According to sources knowledgable of the situation, Fenenbock is contemplating a future run at congress. While jumping from a school board seat to a congressional seat makes a cool ending for an after school special, I don't know too many people that think Fenenbock is viable for a congressional seat. 

Certainly not against Beto O'Rourke. Whenever Beto retires, there is going to be bloodshed for that seat. A school board president who's one major accomplishment is passing a 2/3 of a BILLION dollar bond and her second biggest accomplishment is somewhat resembling Trump's campaign is not exactly the stuff congressional dreams are made of. 

Obviously she's not viable at this stage of the game. 

But to be honest...I sorta dig the ambition. 

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like she did than Obama before he became a politico.