Monday, December 19, 2016

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Mayor, 4 City Reps

According to an email from the City Attorney, an Ethics Complain has been filed against Mayor Leeser and City Reps Svarzbein, Tolbert, Limon, and Niland.

The Ethics Complain was filed by Jud Burgess, the guy from the James No-Bond Facebook campaign. Interestingly that is a guy who is probably open to an Ethics Complain himself for not filing a campaign report properly on the amount of money he spent in his campaign against the EPISD Bond. (Gotta love El Paso politics)

The complaint is relating to the closed-door meeting they had with Max Grossman and others regarding the proposed location of the downtown arena. The problem is that the Ethics Commission doesn't have authority of open meetings violations that I am aware of.

I think its more of a law enforcement or DA issue and I'm betting it will get kicked out fairly quickly.

Stay tuned for more details. (Media, feel free to use the screenshot, but make note of where you got it)

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