Monday, December 26, 2016

How the New Arena Location Screws Over Duranguito Residents

Way to go Chicano activists, you just screwed over the very people you were trying to protect.

And that is what you get when you get for allowing yourselves to be used by Max Grossman so he can save what he really cares about, buildings - not people.

Walk with me, I'll explain.

Grossman got a lot of miles by lying to people about a little ol' lady that was being kicked out of her place because of the location of the proposed arena. He very frequently made it sound like the City of El Paso itself was kicking her out.

What really happened was the landowner saw the potential to make money even though he was outside the proposed footprint.

The City was already going to help residents within the footprint and the agenda item for the last meeting was all set to expand that assistance to residents outside the footprint.

We already know that given the chance the landowners will try to make a profit when and where they can and the arena provides that opportunity.

So council participates in a meeting that not only likely violates the letter of the law for open meetings act, but most definitely violates the spirit of the law, and the very same members of council that were in the meeting come out and voted to move the arena location to another site.

The same group of activists that have been bitching about the lack of transparency in the process are some of the same people that participated in this shady backroom deal. Had this been the ballpark and a shady meeting that the public didn't have access to, they would've been bitching to high hell about it. Seriously, can you imagine the hell they would be raising?

Now the location is likely going to be the convention center, because we have to be able to be eligible for the state money or we are going to take a serious financial bath not his one. The only place left is the convention center.

You know, the one we just spent a grip of feria renovating?

What happens to the events that are already booked?

How long does our town go without a convention location while the arena is being built?

We are going to lose out on revenue and do what all of you people were complaining we did for the ballpark, tear down something we just spent money renovating.

But eventually the arena will be built. And the landowners in the area will be thinking about making a profit. Who are the land owners in the area? The same Durganito landowners that we've been talking about all along. And here is what is going to happen. They are going to keep their properties. Max Grossman is going to scramble to actually get a historical designation on the building he cares about.

Oh yeah, no one has reported that. All this talk of historical buildings in the area and none one has mentioned that there really wasn't a historical designation on any of the buildings in the area yet everyone was screaming about all the history we were losing. Well Bill Clinton spoke in the parking lot of the Big 8 on Montwood and Lee Trevino - are we going to make that parking lot a historical place too?

The "historic" buildings will stay. They landowners will keep their buildings.

Everybody wins right?

Wrong. (You will forever read that in Donald Trump's voice)

The people - you know, the ones Max Grossman allegedly gave a shit about - are the ones that are going to be hurt.

The only ones.

And now the city isn't going to help them because they don't have to now because of the change in location.

Way to go guys, stand up and take a bow. Poor raza are still going to be evicted from their homes and you took away the only assistance they were going to get.

All of you were oh so proud of yourselves when you thumped your chest and held up your sign at public comment. Be proud of yourselves. You engaged in a shady backroom deal that will now mean that the arena site will be at the convention center. Those property owners in Duranguito will now start kicking people out of their homes once the convention center is destroyed and the arena goes up so that they can cash in on more profitable tenants or sell their buildings at a profit.

And the people will lose their homes. And they won't have any assistance to move somewhere else now.

And guess who won't be anywhere to be found to protect those people?

Max Grossman and the Chicano activists.


Anonymous said...

You have described one possible future, there are others.

The Lion Star said...

Oh well by all means, please give me your alternative reality. This should be good....

The Lion Star said...

I'd love to hear the one how the residents keep their homes and live happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to blog about what you think is going to happen. There are Monday morning armchair quarterbacks everywhere. If YOU are so concerned about brown people why don't YOU get ou of the chair and actually do something. Who said this fight was over, YOU?

Anonymous said...

But they speak Spanish and have our interest in mind. Quote the great, Montana: "You speak Spanish, do parrots."

Sergio Lewis said...

Jaime, you bring up some interesting points & if some of these predictions become a reality then I do believe that the blame needs to be shared, amoung others, not just Dr. Grossman. In addition, if the future becomes anything close to these projected scenarios, then the economic impact & loss of future revenue to our taxpayers will be astronomical, during the interim & there after..etc... Let's be realistic; Senator Jose Rodriguez & Commissioner David Stout played a big role in this turn of events & were vocal & in the media eyes. The over all fiscal responsibility was thrown out the window by these two elected officials & I pray that you are wrong & I am over speculating. None the less, interesting write. God Bless El Paso citizen's, Taxpayers & hope things work out for the best. Saludos & best regards.
Sergio Lewis