Friday, December 9, 2016

Join the Historical Commission- Save us from Max Grossman

The El Paso County Historical Commission is seeking members. Follow this link to read a story on the issue in the El Paso Times. 

Please, please, please consider joining. That commission is supposed to tell our story but the commission is made up of people that don't look like El Paso.

Seriously it's whiter than the Trump Administration.

And the fact that it doesn't reflect the community it's supposed to represent is a travesty that needs to be fixed. That is why the story of El Paso is disproportionately about freaking cowboys as opposed to all the other important history of our region.

Also, we need counters to Max Grossman. He's emotionally reckless and spouts off at the mouth to the wrong people, talks shit about electeds (even friendlies) impulsively and then has to go back later and apologize and delete something he said on Facebook. 

Here's a pic I took yesterday of a building in south El Paso that was being demolished. Guess who you haven't heard a peep from about it?

That's right, Max Grossman and his little bullhorn.

But mostly I'm annoyed that he co-ops raza like he gives a shit about us just because he wants to save some buildings in the downtown area. And raza activists, looking for any port in a storm very happily allow this guy to do so. If he cared about raza he would use his position on the historical commission to give a more accurate depiction of our regions history than white cowboys and building owners. And if he really cared about raza, he'd stop trying to push the damn arena project to the railyard. The railroad would screw the valley in the process.

Grossman keeps sending out stuff on the El Paso County Historical Commission's letter head like its the official position of the County. Commissioner's Court should not allow him to give people the impression that he speaks on behalf of the County of El Paso. In fact, he includes his title with the County's Historical Commission to give him standing in the conversation about the arena.

And while I'm at it, let me set the record straight on the use of eminent domain. Grossman is running around using that word as an effort to scare people. He's either painfully ignorant of the process, or willfully and strategically misleading people.

Eminent domain is a last resort and isn't even being considered at the moment. But Grossman wants to scare raza so he keeps repeating it like the city is the Death Star getting ready to use eminent domain on Alderaan or something.

The city is doing what they are supposed to be doing, meeting with the community and offering solutions for the residents, most of whom are renters. Renters are always in danger of being kicked out of their place. Only now, the city is offering them assistance in securing housing somewhere else - something they would NEVER be able to get if the property owners decided to sell their buildings or simply raise the rent.

I'm usually a pretty reliable critic of the city because they generally can't empty sand out of a boot if they had instructions written on the bottom of the heel, but I actually think the city has managed to not royally screw this one up yet.

They are doing everything methodically and you don't even see a fraction of the opposition that you did for the ballpark. Sure, there are a few people that don't live in the district but hate Cortney Niland that are capitalizing on the issue, but seriously those people are frankly even worse than Grossman.

So get this straight, they aren't anywhere near the use of eminent domain. They would have to go BACK to council to even consider eminent domain. You have three current members of council that are going to run for mayor - do you think there is a scenario where they would support use of eminent domain before a mayoral run?

Hell no. Not even Emma Acosta, who was for the ballpark, then against it, then for it, then against it, and then regularly uses the VIP box at the games, would support the use of eminent domain in an election year.

Oh yeah, and then there's Mayor Leeser. He REPEATED his opposition of the use of eminent domain during Monday's meeting. I think him doing so hurts the city's leveraging power in negotiations, but he was clear that he would veto the measure. And then he went so far as to get up and walk over to the handful of protestors that attended Monday's meeting (the vast majority of whom don't live in the area, which is something no one ever talks about) to tell them individually of his opposition to the use of eminent domain for the downtown arena.

The County Judge and Commissioner's Court need to act now on Grossman, otherwise he's going to continue to mislead the public, which is exactly what he is doing, using the County's commission. 

Just a reminder, here's how to contact the complaint department of the LSB (915)694-5714 or


Anonymous said...

You don't have to be gay to stand up for gay rights...oh I mean you don't have to live in the area.

Anonymous said...

I like Grossman. He is PhD from Columbia University and could be anywhere in the world. He sees the value that the average person doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this! That guy is on his own trip and is scaring people. My grandmother lives in the area and was freaking out.

Anonymous said...

I won't be on the historical commission specifically because of Max Grossman. He's so hard to work with and it's like you said, very emotional!


Anonymous said...

I have attended a few meetings of the residents and their advocates, I have seen them appear and speak at city council. In my experience more than a hand full of residents are involved in the effort to save their barrio. Also, local residents and their advocates have been working against redevelopment of this area for ten years. Please dig a little deeper. Attend some of their meetings. I now feel misinformed by this blog which leads me to wonder how much to trust other postings.
Marilyn Guida

The Lion Star said...

Those meetings have been filled with misinformation like what I have recounted in this post. If you feel misinformed by my blog, then by all means feel free to stop reading it. You are by no means obligated to do so. But I recounted the process exactly as it stands, unlike Grossman, so I'm not sure what on earth I need to dig deeper on considering it's public information. But thank you for the input.

Anonymous said...

Jaime, thank you for writing this. I'm glad someone actually said it publicly. Grossman is actually due for reappointment. The next two-year term starts in January and Sargent sent an email last to Commissioners Court asking to be reappointed. You should look into it, a lot of people were copied on the email. The County has an opportunity to take action.

Joey (Good talking to you Mr. Vato)

elrichiboy said...

Senator Rodriguez is against putting the arena in that neighborhood. Is he Mexican enough for you?

The Lion Star said...

Well he's. It the one trying to co-opt raza and spread misinformation.

But if you're convinced Grossman is doing this because he's down for brown, I have a bridge over the train tracks at Zaragoza to sell you.

Tim Collins said...

Have you considered seeking an appointment?

Anonymous said...

Ironic. So help me understand. You bring out the race card against Grossman and even raza activists standing up for barrio elders who have little recourse or anyone to advocate for the. It would seem your own raza card's value is questionable. When it comes to standing up for those same Abuelos you would rather see them kicked out of their homes and their barrio that they've lived in before you were born. Three months rent is an insult. Should the city also donate a Christmas tree with macaroni hand ornament? You throw out the Lower Valley as a smokescreen but it is as much a fabricated distraction as is your political attack on Grossman. Kicking Grossman out of the commission is not going to shut him up and will make him a martyr of your political cronies. Reality is, you're ok with the destruction of local raza history and a historical barrio to benefit white westsiders who donate handsomely not only your former friend Niland's political endeavors but your bosses Vince and Claudia. I say try the raza card on someone who doesn't see through you. In the barrio we call it "vendido." Let's see if you have the courage to post what everyone sees in you and through you.

blog1 said...

Good information. I keep on informing our community that a good education does not equal/or mean good representation of our community. Nor does it equal extravagant pay. We have to keep informed.