Friday, December 16, 2016

Recall - The Empty Threat

There has only been one successful recall in El Paso County - and that was in Socorro.

Recalls are really hard to make happen unless you're strategic. And recalls are almost never strategic because they are almost always done out of emotion.

Just like this one.

This recall makes no sense, unless you believe there is something else at play. Here's what I mean.

Why would you recall a member of council that has to give up her seat to run for mayor soon anyway? All you're gonna do, best case scenario, is cost tax payers more money for a special election. Thats if you get enough signatures.

But with Niland all set to run for mayor, why would you even bother? She has to resign to run anyway. Sorta pointless, except for grandstanding. She's gone anyway, focus on the replacement.


The movida isn't to get rid of her seat, but to get rid of her chances at a mayoral run, which are slim to begin with.

Its probably giving his team a little too much credit, but David Saucedo is the guy who benefits here. And his campaign team just so happens to be the guys behind Josh Dagda, who came close to upsetting Niland in the last mayoral round.

If you read Saucedo's recent newsletter, you would've thought the vato was running for District 8 ins team of mayor. He spent a lot of time talking about Niland's area. And word around the water cooler in City Hall is that Saucedo has been submitting a lot of open records request and Niland has been the target.

Comes with the territory now that Open Records Requests have been politically weaponized. The point is, its undeniable that Saucedo benefits from the recall more than anyone else, not because it has a practical impact on Niland as a city rep but because it has a practical impact on her candidacy. And that is important for a Republican like Saucedo who has to split a westside base with Dee Margo and Niland.

The only difference is, both Niland and Margo have been elected in the westside.

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Anonymous said...

No one at the city will give you any info, they just say, file an open records request.