Thursday, December 22, 2016

Rich Old White People Gettin' Gangsta

My nation of haters love to call me a thug. I don't know if its the tattoos or the barrio thing or what, but its one of their favorite things to say about me.

But you've NEVER heard of me trying to get gangsta with it over politics in a restaurant.

So at Thanksgiving everyone advised that we should refrain from talking about the election to avoid a family fight.

In El Paso, we apparently have to avoid talking about the arena at Christmas in order to avoid a family fight. (I'm still going to, and I'm going to piss off a lot social justice people. When I laid this out for you hopefully it will teach you a lesson about getting coopted by Grossman)

Anywho, KTSM and the Times ran the stories on what happened with the altercation between the Mayor and former City Rep Ann Morgan Lily's husband. You've seen or read the story so I won't bore you with a retelling of the story but a few quick observations.

#1 - Never touch another man's wife. That entitles the husband to whoop your ass. Pretty sure that is in the Texas constitution. I think I heard about that when I was in County Jail.

#2 - But seriously Mayor, the guy is older than Yoda, what are you doing? I'm gonna have to confiscate a lot of man points for this one.

#3 - Mayor Leeser, who is loaded, insulted the Lily's by calling the husband a "rich boy". First of all, I guess calling someone a "rich boy" is an insult amongst old rich white guys. But seriously, when was the last time Rutt Lily was called a boy? I'm gonna venture a guess it was circa The Great Depression.

#4 - The Lily's clearly have anger control issues. They should stop trying to resort to physical violence. Osteoporosis is a serious issue and one of you has to take care of the other one if you mess around and break a hip.

#5 - Someone is going to have to check Lily to see if she has some gangsta tats with all the violence she's connected to since being a city rep. People in the barrio want to know if she has a tattoo tear she covers up with concealer, or maybe a cross tat on her hand between her thumb and forefinger, or "Mi Vida Loca" or "Thug Life" tatted in old english lettering on her back.

I just have visions of her in a doo-rag, with some lip liner, breaking a beer bottle pointing it at a city rep and asking about funding streams during budget hearings at The Tap.

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever wonder why Mr. Lilly got so upset? In what way is his ox being gored? Dig a little deeper please.