Friday, December 23, 2016

Saucedo Bombs Interview, Campaign Crippled

Shout to to KTSM who has been killing it for local television coverage lately. They've done a few really interesting packages lately and last night was no different.

Republican Mayoral candidate David Saucedo bombed an interview with a reporter and the story surrounding his involvement with a local non-profit that is allegedly in financial ruin under his watch is probably going to mark the end of his viability for mayor.

Which was always far-fetched to begin with considering his Rick Santorum-like voting record.

Here's a link to the interview and trust me, you're going to want to watch it over and over because there is just so much awkward hilarity in the video. I haven't seen that much awkwardness in a video since the time City Rep Peter Svarzbein had to go because his mommy was calling him.

Let me give you some back story before we go further so that you can fully appreciate the hypocrisy and TERRIBLE PR failure on this one. And let this be a lesson to mayoral candidates, make sure someone one your team has an inkling what to do about media relations.

According to the story Saucedo has been with Boys & Girls Club for pretty much the last decade and was the Board President up until earlier this year. When he's asked about the financial problems at the organization his answer was, "I was just as blind-sided as everybody else...I know nothing about that...and I, I , I have no idea what thats about."

What? You were the Board President up until earlier this year and you were with the organization for almost a decade and you were blind-sided? That's your answer and you want to be mayor????

You're shitting me right?

But you're the same guy that released a statement asking voters to end the "culture of disrespect, pandering, and false promises" on the very same day that you're ducking questions?

So here is the big PR screw up - the Saucedo campaign obviously wanted to change the subject when it came to Saucedo because of the B&G story and so they released a statement about the move by council to change the location of the downtown arena.

Talk about pandering!

An email was circulating by Duranguito people actually thanking David Saucedo for his support for their cause. Saucedo sent out a statement to media and also put out a sponsored post that contained the same information. Thats where I saw it.

Check it out:

This is taking pandering to the next level.

But back to the interview.

Saucedo was interviewed at his campaign HQ. I'm told the location is supposed to be a secret, I guess like some CIA black site. No idea why the location is a big secret, but you can hear an echo in the room in the audio of the interview. I grabbed a few screen shots from the interview and it appears its just an empty room with his campaign banner put up on the wall in the background.


Nothing on the walls, no furniture, nothing.

It looks like the kind of place Bin Ladin would use to film messages to Al-Qaida! I keep expecting to see a bearded man in a camouflaged jacked and an assault rifle.


So let me get this straight, you send out a statement to the media and you say your campaign is about transparency but when you're asked questions about your financial dealings while the head of a local non-profit, you duck the questions?

Multiple times?

Thats your idea of transparency?

Then you pause the interview to go to another room to try to come up with a better response and you some how manage to come back with an even WORSE response?

Holy shit man, are you for real?

Its a political attack? Its funny that it comes out after you declare your candidacy? Of course it came out after you announced your candidacy, because why would anyone care about your alleged inability to manage funds until you're asking voters to give you the chance to manage their public funds?

This is how NOT to handle a crisis ladies and gentlemen.

This guy undermined his own message in his actions and words. Calls for transparency, ducks questions and has a super-secret campaign bunker. Says council is pandering, but tries to pander to secure media attention and get it away from the financial problems at B&G.

And this is the guy that is being packaged as a "young progressive Latino"...


Anonymous said...

Who is the dude with the man bun?

Augustus Snodgrass said...

Jaime....It is late and I still have to get on my sled and load up the Christmas goodies, but I will post a longer update in the next few days. Thank You for keeping us updated on "Junior."

Who, now ironically...or perhaps more pandering....goes by In
Dahhhh Veed....Not Day Vid, as he himself usually presents himself.

Let my say that Jr. Saucedo, is a Larry Romero, 2.0. He has NO Business Acumen, he just walked into his father's business, was handed a key to the locks and anointed "Vice President." of a 3 man company. The difference is that Saucedo is younger, more polished, sports the millenial beard and spouts off soundbites such as "No More Manana." Think Eric Trump. Do you think that guy could start a business from scratch? Does one think Jr. got where he is based on starting from scratch? NO.

The fact that he had to excuse himself and ask the man with the man-bun what to answer or even say, is all too-telling..."I'm being attacked." Poor Me. I'm trying to be the next "Great Brown Hope," and instead, I have to answer to the media," Blah, blah, blah.

He couldn't answer on the spot, instead, excusing himself to go into what is the kitchen of this house....his H.Q. or "BatCave." I know, I own over 200+ rentals and this looks like the style. A Craftsman style home, probably owned by Daddy or his Aunt.

Then, he turns his "being blindsided" into "I'm being Attacked by the Media/my opponents." No Jr...the Media are doing their work and want answers for us, La Gente. He pulled the same B.S. when he defended his and Cathedral's decision regarding Lou Holtz. "I"m being attacked...this is P.C. gone apeshit..." When questioned, Saucedo gets incredibly defensive and expresses TOTAL Ignorance. This is a KEY characteristic of Saucedo. Thin skinned. Defensive. Starts repeating himself.

Saucedo has had a history of signing up for clubs to fill out his resume but wouldn't do any of the heavy lifting. This goes back to his days at Cathedral (paid by Daddy), and his days at Notre Dame, again paid by Daddy.
He is a Millenial who has NO worldly experience. He has aspirations to be the Mayor of El Paso....but has never had to struggle in his lifetime.

I am glad that the people of El Paso just saw a glimpse of what they would get should Saucedo become Mayor. A spoiled young man, in over his head, full of himself, and thinking he is on 3rd base because he hit a triple.

Let us hear from "Daaaah Veeeds supporters. Augustus Snodgrass. Merry Christmas to one and all. Jaime, Thank You for your efforts and for keeping all of us informed. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that David has a degree in accounting from Notre Dame.

Anonymous said...

That's definitely an apartment in Sunset Heights or nearby.