Friday, December 30, 2016

The Obscene Hypocrisy of Max Grossman

There's a great scene at the end of the movie Tombstone where Wyatt is talking to his old friend Doc Holiday on his deathbed. Holiday had just been visited by a Catholic priest, presumably giving him his last rights.

Doc Holiday who had led a less than godly life utters a famous line, "It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds."

I wonder how many times a day Max Grossman must do the same thing, or if he even cares how much of a complete hypocrite he has become.

Grossman participated in the closed-door meeting that very likely violated the Texas Open Meetings Act (ironically abbreviated TOMA), and yet had the AUDACITY to cry foul on social media about former Mayor John Cook!

NOW Grossman cares about gross violations of Texas law? Where was his concern for gross violation of Texas law when he was participating in a meeting that was not open to the public, held in secret, and there was a conscious effort to try to side-step TOMA?

Again to quote 90's hip hop artists Onyx, "but, but, but wait it gets worse..."

Here is a screenshot of Grossman actually THANKING Billy Abraham!

First, two things in this post that are interesting before I get to the thanking Billy Abraham part. Remember when I wrote that there were no historical designations for the buildings in the footprint and all you people got butt hurt that I said that and were saying how wrong I was about that? Well, this proves I was right. And the other day when I wrote about how everyone wins with the new venue EXCEPT the people that the City was trying to protect in the first place? Well...there goes Max protecting the buildings.

Exactly like I said would happen.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the part where Max Grossman thanks Billy Abraham.

I cannot begin to tell you the levels of hypocrisy that reaches. Ask around town who historians and city and county leaders feel is the biggest problem when it comes to the deterioration of historic buildings downtown.

How many news stories have been done on buildings that aren't kept up and how they have become blight?

Yes Max Grossman, there apparently doesn't appear to be too much you won't do to save buildings. Apparently your hypocrisy really does know no bounds...

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Anonymous said...

This doesn't make sense. It's well known and recognized, I'm sure even by max Grossman, that Billy Abraham is a huge problem. But if Billy Abraham happens to do something right, as it would appear this is an instance of, can't we take that win? Even bad people do good sometimes.... occasionally. I can't see this as hypocrisy, just acknowledging someone did something good.