Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Barceleau Fails to File Finance Documents

Jaime Barceleau, candidate for El Paso City Council District 3 has failed to file the campaign finance reports before the deadline.

Campaign finance reports are required by law for transparency purposes so that the voters have a clear understanding of who are the financial bakers of a given candidate. 
Fellow District 3 Candidate Antonio Williams only recently filed for a treasurer and was not required to file a financial report during this period. 

Cassandra Hernandez-Brown has filed her campaign report in accordance with the requirements set forth by the Texas Ethics Commission. Her reports indicates that she raised about $6,300 so far. 

This screenshot from the City of El Paso website shows all of the candidates that have filed their financial disclosure documents and conspicuously absent is a report from Mr. Barceleau. 

This is a screenshot of the candidates that have filed a treasurer so far. As you can see, Barceleau's name is present in this section. 

Barceleau has had a couple of campaign events in which money was spent. He also has a person running a field operation, which may be someone working on a volunteer basis considering the guy has almost no real campaign experience, but there are definite expenditures that have been made and not reported. 

Violations of reporting and transparency can be reported to the Texas Ethics Commission. 

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