Thursday, January 19, 2017

David Saucedo & Ego

David "There is no Tomorrow" Saucedo
I feel a little bit like Nero fiddling while Rome burns for writing a blog about David Saucedo's ego when there is so much important news happening at the city with the arena.

I'll get to all of that, so for now, fiddle I shall.

Surely with all the consultants surrounding Saucedo there had to be a voice or two trying to save the candidate from himself. I've been around a lot of candidates and a lot of them have some pretty silly and narcissistic ideas run through their head. A good team will step in a save the candidate from themselves when necessary.

But the fact that the video ever made it beyond a cocktail conversation gives you insight into just who David Saucedo is as a person. It tells you a lot about Saucedo. Mostly it tells you about his ego, his arrogance, and how he sees himself.

He sees himself as some sort of hero. Like he's a costumed hero that is out to save El Paso.

And that isn't just a crazy level of douchedom, its scary. Its scary because whenever people have a savior complex and get into positions of authority, problems happen. The last thing you want to do with an ego that big is feed it power.

Since he enjoys playing dress-up so much, he might as well put on a Batman suit and campaign as the caped crusader. Hell, as much as he's paying consultants, he might as well pick the one who he is paying the most and make him dress up as the Boy Wonder and follow him around saying things like, "Holy Downtown Arena Batman, there's the Joker!" and by Joker, I mean Max Grossman.


Anonymous said...

The video you posted is actually the edited version because the original had David in the ring actually boxing an African-American man with a paper labeled "corruption" across his David associates corruption with black people... One of his 10 paid consultants obviously realize how bad this would look and fix the video but it doesn't change that this man who supposes himself to be the Messiah for El Paso is as corrupt and a racist as all his Republican cronies.

The Lion Star said...

Do you have a copy of that video?

Email me at if you do.