Monday, January 2, 2017

Douchebag of December? (Poll)

Man December really was a rough month for local politicos and several of them have done some really douchey things this month.

Its been a Hall of Fame month for douchedom in local El Paso politics really.

So it has necessitated a new poll for the biggest Douchebag of December.

Your nominees are:

Republican Mayoral Candidate David Saucedo - Talk about a douche! Been with an organization for the last decade but says he was "blindsided" by their economic collapse. The day before he was dodging media because of the story but the following day he sends out a press release to try to change the subject. He was critical of council for changing the venue, but was publicly thanked for his efforts in supporting a change of venue by Max Grossman.

Only in El Paso.

But what earns him the nomination is having a super-secret bunker of a campaign headquarters that has basically nothing on the walls, conducts an interview there with his two campaign consultants, dodges a question about the Boys & Girls Club debacle 4 times and then...has to ask for a break in the interview to go speak with his consultants - who have never worked for B&G on how to answer a question about the organization he has been with for a decade and was the President of the Board for the last year.

And then shits the bed with an even worse answer!

Max Grossman - You guys know me, I love to use mafia terms. So you've heard Cappo dei tutti Capi, or boss of all bosses in Italian. Well I think Grossman's pubic rhetoric makes him Ipocrita di tutti gli ipocriti Hypocrite of all hypocrites as our Italian friends say...

I told you from the get-go I thought Grossman was just trying to save his buildings, never really gave a shit about the people, and co-opted raza for his efforts to save buildings - which that alone deserves a nomination - but his latest social media gaffe clinches it.

The guy THANKED Billy Freakin' Abraham for putting a historic monument up. As if that wasn't bad enough, he claimed former Mayor John Cook was involved in "a gross violation of Texas law" shortly after he was involved in a closed door backroom meeting with city reps that appear to have been side-stepping the TOMA.

He should get an honorable mention for pushing the local term that I hope gets left back in 2016 - "Du-ruhn-gee-toe".

Rutt Lily - The guy gets into some sort of physical altercation with the Mayor of El Paso in a westside restaurant because the Mayor doesn't to use eminent domain for the arena and then turns around and talks about the "little people" who run for office in El Paso. I always thought that was just some sort cliche term that rich people didn't really use but was attributed to them in caricatures of rich white people.

I guess I was wrong. Rich white people apparently can be that damn douchey.

City Rep Jim Tolbert - Talk about a bad month. First the news of his Steakgate problem breaks and then he gets into a spat with a member of the public in which he lets a guy get under his skin and mouths the word "ass" to him.

A terrible reflection on the city.

So there you have it, the nominees for the December Douchebag. Take the poll on the left side and pick who you think was the biggest douche in the month of December.


Anonymous said...

Our miserable local press drops the ball again!

When did El Paso shift to party primaries for Municipal Elections?

Keep up the good work!


a said...

Jaime.....this is a tough one. It is unfortunate you do not have an option E). All of the Above.

I would guess that Saucedo and Grossman are in a close tie. Saucedo for knowing better than to say "he was blindsided." Apparently the Boys & Girls Club was operating in the red in previous years.

Grossman...well to honor Abraham for preserving a Chinese laundry while Abraham allows his other "historical" properties to decay is mind blowing. Let alone with what he did with the Albert Fall Mansion on Arizona....

My take is on Saucedo, who should know better than try and change the subject and then come out and blame THE MEDIA takes alot of gall. Man up and own your mistakes.