Monday, January 23, 2017

El Paso Historical Commish Chair Sargent Calls City Reps "Pussy's"

In a conversation between El Paso County Historical Commission honchos, EPCHC Chair Bernie Sargent referred to two El Paso City Representatives as “pussy’s (sic)” according to a recent article in the El Paso Times

That label was aimed at City Representatives Mike Noe and City Representative Carl Robinson. 

Not sure what the ladies on the EPCHC or County Judge Veronica Escobar feel about how that phrase reflects upon the commission or the county, but it is certainly problematic for the duo of Max Grossman and Bernie Sargent. 

Talk about making things a little awkward the next time he runs into those gentlemen during lunchtime in the downtown area...

The text messages were outlined in a story by the El Paso Times.

Here is a screenshot of the part of the story that mentions them. 

Sargent and Grossman were speaking about the vote to move the proposed arena from the Union Plaza area to the convention center site and Representatives Acosta and Ordaz voted no. Representatives Noe and Robinson didn't vote, which is presumably why Sargent called them "pussy's". 

Frankly, its a good question why Noe and Robinson simply didn't vote no.

Grossman and Sargent, but more so Grossman, have been at the center of the controversy surrounding the now-controversial downtown arena. Grossman has normally been pretty talkative via email and jumps in front of any microphone he sees but has clammed up since the news broke on Friday that the Texas Rangers were investigating possible violations of the Texas Open Meetings Act between 4 members of council and the mayor. 

The State of Texas puts out a handbook in which they layout the responsibilities of the County Historical Commissions. Section 1 talks about the role commissions and their members. There is even a section about actions to avoid as a member. 

Apparently Max Grossman has never read the section or thinks its a how-to. 

I’ve said from day one that I thought Grossman was coopting raza for his own little movida of just saving buildings. Buildings that have no ACTUAL historical designation by the way - he never mentions that part. 

But as the stories keep coming out, I’ll be Grossman was the guy behind it all. I’ll bet he will be caught manipulating members of council to do his bidding just like he has manipulated the Chicano activist community. 

Also, I keep hearing from a whole lot of people that “Durangito” was fabricated by Grossman. At least that is what I was told by people who have lived in El Paso a whole lot longer than I have. 

Another important point to consider when discussing the arena and the role played by the El Paso County Historical Commission - aside from really restraining relationships and credibility when you're calling elected officials "pussy's" is that the EPCHC is also under fire for potentially violated the TOMA by conducting a vote via email. 

Since Trump made pussy a household word, I guess some people think they are free to use it all the time. 

Welcome to Trump's America. Where Bernie Sargent doesn't know the difference between multiple vaginas and the possessive form. 


Tony M. said...

Good post.

Anonymous said...

The only honest thing you said on here was asking why Noe and Robinson didn't vote no.
By the way, that section you circled doesn't say anything about private messages to friends.
Your attack on Dr. Grossman is uncalled for and, by the way, it's only city ineptitude, laziness, or a favor for a friend that more buildings aren't registered as historical landmarks. You indeed forget to mention that a group working for the city declared the area had historical significance in 1998 and the city did nothing.
Saying you heard from people that Durangito was fabricated by Grossman is probably the voices in your head. Have you even got off your fat butt and talked to the people down there?

The Lion Star said...

Obviously you're Max Grossman because only a douche like him would refer to himself anonymously and make sure he threw in "Dr."

The section circled doesn't say anything about private messages to friends? Really, you expect people to buy that bullshit? Grossman and Sargent are both members of the El Paso County Historic Commission and as such, their communication is public record. Which is why it was released.

As for the historical designation and getting off my fat butt to talk to people, let me tell you something. A) I have and have been sitting on video interviews I've done with people. You're about to look like an idiot when I publish them. B) from day one I said I didn't believe Grossman cared one bit about the people, only preserving his buildings. I stand by that until the facts play out otherwise.

Your serve.

Anonymous said...


The Lion Star said...

Ah yes, I made the whole thing up.

He never called anyone pussy's (sic).