Monday, January 30, 2017

Esparza Declines Prosecution of Octogenarian Re Leeser Restaurant Incident

Jaime Esparza declined to prosecute Father Time.

Leeser shouldn't have called the cops because an old guy was disrespecting his wife. He knew they would respond because he's the freakin' mayor.

He should have man'ed up and dealt with it like any other man would handle it when another man disrespects his wife.

Seriously, if the mayor can't handle an old man, give me a break.

Thats all I have to say about that.

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Dan Bodine said...

That's your "gut" talking, not your "head." We're in the political age where "image is everything!" So here's a guy in a top leadership and role model situation for all the city -- saying nothing about all the employees at the car dealership he owns whose job fortunes ride with him NOT making waves -- and he's supposed to knock hell outta an old man for being offensive to his wife? In our "modern" political times, indeed, the onus was really on the Mayor's wife to slap hell outta the guy until he apologized. But was she ever going to do it? Thus, the husband's only option was to stand there and listen to his wife be insulted? Why does he lose his citizen right to call the police just because he's the mayor?