Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Finance Reports: Saucedo in Lead; Acosta Broke

Its shocking to me how little money there is in the mayoral race so far, which may be indicative of the fact that the money guys aren't happy with the field of candidates.

There is a lot to go through with the campaign finance reports but the major headline is that Saucedo has the early money lead and is spending a lot of it on consulting fees.

A lot.

And City Rep Emma Acosta's campaign is in lots of trouble early. Basically she's broke and based on the news story I saw last night, it looks like she spent a lot of money on her fundraiser last night. Last night's fundraiser won't go on this latest report, but when you figure what she paid for the location, food, mariachis, etc she better hope she raked in the cash last night because her latest report shows she has around $700 left.

That is an embarrassingly small amount of money for any race, in fact it appears to be the least amount of money on hand for any credible candidate for any of the city council races as well. She filed two reports, one as an elected official and one for Mayor. Here's a link to her report.


By contrast, Saucedo came in with about $48k and has already spent about $37K. If he has more money where that came from, that is a pretty solid showing, but if he tapped out all his contributors this early, and blew through the money (mostly on consulting fees but I'll get to that in another post) then he might also be in trouble. Here's a link to his report.

Also, whoever wrote out the individual contributions on his finance report has great penmanship.

Surprisingly, Dee Margo had a pretty terrible showing in this report as well. He had one contribution for $100, but had some campaign money lying around still and appears to have loaned himself $15k. Here is a link to his report.

In my next post, I'll post some pretty interesting stuff about the individual candidates' finance reports. Some interesting stuff there.

Now more than ever, its clearly anyone's race.

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