Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Haggerty's Split on Immigration

Shane Haggerty (L) - Andrew Haggerty (R)
If you haven't figured out yet, the Haggerty's come in blue and red. El Paso's biggest political family has been a fixture in Northeast and Westside politics for years. In fact in some parts of El Paso, a Haggerty has represented the area in almost every single level of government including school board, constable, justice of the peace, city rep, county commissioner, and state rep.

If we elected dog catchers, they'd win that election too.

These days, most of the Haggerty's are Democrats and only one of the elected Haggerty's currently in office is a Republican. That would Andrew Haggerty, the County Commissioner that represents mostly the Westside and a sliver of the Northeast.

The rest are Democrats.

Commissioner Haggerty took a position on a meaningless resolution from Commissioner's Court the other day - I'll go on a my rant about resolutions in a minute - that President Haggerty of YISD disagrees with strongly.

The Commissioner voted against a resolution rejected an anti-immigrant sentiment that seems to be sweeping across the nation. The Commissioner's Court wanted to send a message that they supported comprehensive immigration reform and Andrew Haggerty took some heat for voting against it. Some called him racist. I don't think he's racist, just completely out of touch with this community, but that is a blog for another day.

Perhaps one where Commissioner Stout is actually in El Paso (good luck with that).

YISD President Shane Haggerty issued the following statement when news of his cousin Andrew's vote against the Commissioner's Court resolution:

"As a life-long resident of this beautiful border community, I applaud the efforts of Commissioners Court and City Council to push back against the politics of hate as a policy issue. We are a nation of immigrants and need common-sense solutions to the complexities of immigration. As a Democrat, resident of a border community and a Catholic, I support comprehensive immigration reform."

Shane Haggerty has signaled his intent to run for City Council in District 4 (NE), which is the race to replace out-going City Rep Carl Robinson who is term-limited.

Resolution Rant

Resolutions are non-binding. They are basically meaningless.

Too many people confuse them with actual policy and do one of two things - pump up a resolution like it really fucking matters, or get their panties in a wad like it really fucking matters.

The bottom line is when it comes to resolutions - it doesn't fucking matter.

I wish they would change the name to ceremonial resolutions or something that would be more indicative of their true nature so people would stop getting all worked up about them.

Also, I wish there would be a cap on how many resolutions you can do in a year. Seriously a couple of members of Commissioners Court have resolutions on every single agenda of the year. Like their week isn't complete unless they hand out a worthless piece of paper to someone. They like handing out worthless pieces of paper so much you'd think they work at a career school!

Or maybe there should be a running tally off efficiency with members of Commissioner's Court. Lets see the report that logs all the meaningless shit they put on an agenda. That would be fun.

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Anonymous said...

If Arizona can't enforce Immigration Law, why does anyone think El Paso County can?

Why waste (and cost us money) time on meaningless resolutions?