Thursday, January 12, 2017

Margo to Hold Fundraiser at Peter Piper Pizza

I know what you're thinking, that LionStar is just poking fun at one of those two Republicans running for mayor again.

Well I'm not.

Okay, I am.

But I'm not making this up.

You'd expect a fringe candidate or one of the crazies to hold a campaign reception and fundraiser at a place like Peter Piper Pizza. But in his effort to not look like an entitled wealthy white guy, Dee Margo is going to be one with the people and have a campaign reception and fundraiser at everyone's least favorite place to hold birthday parties for 5 year olds.

Honestly, this is way out of Margo's comfort zone. Remember the last time he ran for a race this big he spent 3/4 of a million dollars so its a stark contrast for Margo to be holding a fundraiser and reception in a place that sells beer in a pitcher, has game tokens, a lot of kids running around.

I think this raises a serious ethics question. Are those red tickets from skee-ball something that has to be reported as in-kind because they have no cash value, or do you have to report them after you turn them in for the Voltron, Defender of the Universe Night Light?


platners said...

I remember his son had a few things to say about how bad El Paso was, etc. He was comparing El Paso to Miami or something of the sort. Could you help me locate that commentary. I really dont remember where it was.

inept said...

If there absolutely has to be a gringo Republican mayor of El Paso, the Saucedo kid may be your boy.

a said...

This has to be Pandering at it's most cynical and lowest form. Peter Piper Pizza? I am sure this is for the "gente/peons," with I am sure another one for his Big Money Donor$...Cafe Central or Ruth's Chris.

Truly Cynical. I don't believe Margo has ever set foot in a P.P.P.

What's next....Free beer at the L&J?

Anonymous said...

Got kids. They don't have any such items as prizes... I think someone is plagarizing "Deadpool".