Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Poisoned Process

At this point, I don't care where they put the downtown arena. Its only a downtown arena because of an ordinance and that can be changed, so put it at Cohen stadium for all I care.

But this is a post more for the activist community. There's an important lesson to be learned from this debacle.

You can't have the moral high-ground and defend a corrupt process. The bottom line here is that the meeting in secret with the members of council, the mayor, and Grossman has poisoned the process.

The big corruption scandal was called Poisoned Pawns, so this should be called Poisoned Process.

The more that gets revealed about the events surrounding this meeting, and trust me there are more things that will come out, the more you can see just how shady it was.

The Texas Rangers just don't investigate things for the hell of it, no matter what anyone else tells you.

Obviously there needs to be a solution to the issue. No one wants little viejitas moved. So tell the landlords not to move them out. But good luck getting landlords to want to make LESS money. Hell you have owners in the area that basically don't care about the conditions of their properties, you think they have a moral bone in their body?

The best solution is to move the least amount of people possible and get them the most amount of help in finding a new place. Unless you can get the arena moved out of the downtown area until an existing parcel of land that doesn't have anyone living on it, like Cohen. Then you'll hear people argue that it doesn't make financial sense to do it there.

But that is a different conversation.

A solution that involves a tainted process like the one we have seen is no solution at all. And lets kick it real for a minute, had this been a meeting about a public project and it was a majority of city council members swapping in and out of a meeting in city hall on a day it was closed to the public and it was grainy video of Paul Foster and Woody Hunt instead Svarzbein, Grossman, and Tolbert, you vatos would be outside of city hall on the daily with torches and pitchforks!

You can stand by your values and be against a corruption in the process at the same time.

And you should. Otherwise, what are you really accomplishing?

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Dan Bodine said...

No comments, yet? Calling some of you wealthy property owners immoral and you yawn at it? Strange times we're in, yes.

Besides saying "enjoy the posts," just want to add calling in the Rangers isn't tantamount to Mayor and Council being corrupt. Somewhat loose with the words, I think. Anytime there's even a whiff of government wrong-doing, it's my understanding, D.A.'s required to ask Rangers to check it out.

And considering how difficult it is to govern now, the old "empty chair" trick, I imagine, has won more stripes in success stories than it's lost in actual damages. I stopped going to EP City Council meetings in '12 or '13, for instance, just because of all the time "wasted" listening to anklebiters expound on the worthiness of barking at trivial moons!

Personally, this state's best government is at the local level. The snakes are in Austin!

Dan Bodine