Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Saucedo Blowing Money...

Well as if the Boys and Girls Club financial disaster wasn't bad enough for Saucedo's fiscal conservative message to voters...

Take a look at how he's blown through his campaign cash. He better hope he hasn't tapped out his cash flow because he's gonna need a ton of it for mail against Dee Margo if he's smart - and he can't afford to blow it on consultants.

Saucedo has basically spent the vast majority of his money on consulting fees and campaign video. How much? Well he spent a total $30,832.20 so far on consultants. That is about 64% of the total amount of money he raised and it was spent on a staggering 10 different consultants.

That is a higher percentage of his campaign money than even Forma charges.

But I guess its not so bad if it produces good results right?

Well get ready to LOL!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the stupidest fucking campaign ad I've ever seen.

I mean ever.

Seriously, I didn't make this myself and I'm not screwing around. He actually spent money on this.

I almost don't know where to start, but I have questions. What in the world is up with the lucha mask? Did he really spend money on a getting his campaign logo put on boxing silks? What did they drink the night before that made them wake up the next morning and say, "Ya know what would be a good idea for a campaign commercial? Taking the jogging video from the state rep race to the next level. Can we rent a boxing gym?"

Also, let me be clear. It was beautifully shot. Good job on production. He looks like an even bigger douche now, but it was great production.

But seriously, who the fuck thought this was a good concept? Who ever it is, should never be paid to do political work ever again.

Unless Sly Stallone decides to run for office.


inept said...

Life is hard. It is harder if you are dumb. It is difficult to get elected if you are a Republican in El Paso. It is harder if you are a dumb Republican in El Paso.

This cant be real said...

No way! That can't seriously be a mayoral candidates add?! Stop pranking. Well, then again,no one believed Trump would be president.

Anonymous said...

I'm just a causal observer here, but You might want to re-read his campaign finance report and you will realized that he didn't really spend 30k, many of those expenditures are zeroed out by in-kind campaign contributions. Also, his expenditures didn't go towards consultants as much as you make it out to be, it went towards a field program.
You might want to check your facts again ese.

Anonymous said...

I'm calling bullshit here. Casual observer my ass, that guy is probably one of the consultants. Since he's saying the money is going to a field program, it is probably his field consultant.

But what you wrote is accurate, most of the money went to consulting fees and the in-kind contributions count as income for the campaign, so they actually fluffed their numbers quite a bit. They didn't raise as much as they tried to make it look.

I'm actually surprised you didn't catch that Lionstar.

-Stahala atcha boy

The Lion Star said...

Ouch, good point. I didn't catch that.

Also, lol at your name. I think I figured out who you are. Thats funny, and yes the other guy is probably who you said it was.