Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Saucedo Takes "Stance" on Border Wall

Saucedo's campaign is the worst campaign I can recall in terms of communications - my only question is whether its intentional or strategic.

He'd hardly be the first stereotypical politician to talk but never say anything. But he seems to have mastered that ability to master's level. But again, I don't know if that is because his communications consultants just really suck, or if its an effort to try to get media attention without actually taking a position.

But if you read his statement, which I've provided in its entirety below, he doesn't actually articulate a stance. He never comes out and says whether he's for or against the wall and Trump's 20% mordida to pay for the wall.

And yes kids, he even included another video. Frankly, I'm disappointed the lucha libre guy isn't in it, it would make more sense to be in this video.

So since he never actually says what his actual position is, I'm gonna help you guys decipher it based on his previous identifiable positions. First, lets consider Saucedo's voting record. He's only voted Republican. I've posted his voting record previously.

Second, he's a big supporter of Rick Santorum, a Republican Party extremist.

Third, and this one is really important, he was the guy spearheading Lou Holtz coming to El Paso to speak. Holtz was a big Trump supporter and supporter of his idea of a ...wait for it..a big border wall. And remember, when he was asked about it, Saucedo defended Holtz. If he was against the border wall concept, he had an opportunity to go on the record and say so.

He hasn't.

So absent an actual articulated position from Saucedo one has to assume that he's lock-step with his fellow Republican Donald Trump.

Here's his statement (I can't independently verify if he was actually wearing his boxing robe when his consultants made the statement for him):


The Mayor is often cited as merely being a figurehead, but in reality, he is the largest advocate to speak on matters affecting El Paso nationwide. I want to be the first Mayoral candidate to take an official stance on President Trump’s Border Wall and proposed 20% Import Tax on products from Mexico.

This is a non-partisan race and so is this issue. This problem is about El Paso’s economic and cultural future, our historical stability and our rich bi-national relationship with Mexico. Now, more than ever, we must unite and focus on promoting our region as a whole, including our neighbors in New Mexico.  By capitalizing on our geographic location, and expediting our border crossings, we will directly ameliorate our trade, local economy and provide much needed jobs.

Indeed, we understand the importance - and complexities - of border security as the efforts of our law enforcement agencies continue to keep El Paso atop the safest cities in the United States. However, our priority must be aligning the economic, technological and infrastructure agendas of our regional partners and making the case to the rest of the world that El Paso can lead with sound policy solutions to a “problem” that is inherently familiar to those of us that live here.

If elected Mayor, I’ll work tirelessly with our lawmakers in Austin, Washington, D.C., and the state of Chihuahua on highlighting the significance of our region and the ongoing opportunities for economic development.


Anonymous said...

FYI this dude's campaign just spammed all of the city department heads and leadership, probably including the mayor and council with this press release. You may want to verify the council and mayor one, but I know leadership all got it. All my years working at the City and I have never seen a candidate for City office spam City Hall. Who are these campaign geniuses he's paying and how did he get access to an internal email list?

Anonymous said...


The answer to the questions are the same. One of his consultants named Christopher Hernandez worked at city hall for Jim Tolbert. Everything Tolbert touches goes to shit. Hernandez didn't last long and now that guy is working for Saucedo. We call him the "new Dora" around city hall.

Anonymous said...

The male version of Dora? You mean...Dorito?

Augustus Snodgrass said...

Typical. And this is what you would get should Saucedo become Mayor. A "Word Salad." You're right...he wants it both ways and doesn't come out either for the Wall or against it.

Every Cathedral Alumni gets his "Infomercials," and one would think Cathedral would be more sensitive to giving out everyone's emails after the Larry Romero Taint. And, they had to push back their 90 Year Gala to this Spring because of all the animosity Saucedo and his Holt support statements.

The guy is indeed a Bullshit artist.

Anonymous said...

What does "New Dora" mean? I have never heard of the term? Also, is it meant for Tolbert or Hernandez?