Wednesday, January 4, 2017

So Are We Just Gonna Ignore Another City Screw-Up?

One of the most annoying things about the City of El Paso under Tommy Gonzalez has been their refusal to take responsibility for their actions whenever there is a screw-up.

And there have been lots of screw ups.

But kudos to the El Paso Times and their requests for information from the City. The fact that the City of El Paso has screwed up so many times, just on releasing (or not) releasing information is a story that should bother all El Pasoans just by itself.

Now add what they are finding.

Remember when the City got scammed out of almost $3,000,000 as part of the Choo-choo Train to Nowhere? First thing the City did was point the finger at someone else and throw them under the bus.

Not only did they do that, it appears they want to use that as an excuse to take over the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority. Right, because the City does such a great job running everything else it touches...A power grab?

During this situation? Give me a freakin' break!

Anywho, the CRRMA's director is Raymond Telles and that was the vato the City tried to throw under the bus for the screw up. Problem is the more and more the El Paso Times digs on this story, the more shit they find.

And by shit, I mean the fact that Telles questioned the scam a long time ago. He did his job and the screw up, at least based on the emails uncovered by the El Paso Times, was at the City.

The fact that the City's general posture toward openness with the public and the media has been awful should be a concern to the everyone. Kim Jong-un is more forthcoming with information at times than the City of El Paso.

We should be asking City leaders what really happened and what they are going to do to fix this. Who even knows if the Choo-Choo Train to Nowhere is the only project the City has been scammed over?

Bad news story that isn't going away and City Rep Emma Acosta, the only member of council to officially signal a run for Mayor, will have to start answering questions about it...

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