Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Barceleau Big Bucks Blunder...Part 2

All you big money people that donated big bucks to help out Jaime Favela in his bid to become the next city rep should know how poorly your money is being spent.

Memmer when I told you he actually spent money to tell potential rival candidates that there was still time to file against him?

Well it gets worse...or better depending on your perspective.

I'm probably helping him by writing this, but its straight up amateur hour at his campaign and I know they don't know this, other wise they wouldn't have screwed up so badly....

...but a big portion of the mailers didn't reach houses in District 3, which is a good thing for Jaime Barceleau-Favela...

...but he actually sent them to voters who don't live in District 3 anymore.

So since the Barceleau-Favela campaign obviously doesn't know this, I'll point them in the right direction. You geniuses didn't realize that there was redistricting done a while back and since you guys are obviously trying to cast a REALLY wide net with voters, you didn't adjust for the precinct changes.

So not only did you send a piece of mail that was hard to read for seniors, didn't really say anything other than Jaime might as well take Norma's last name or hyphenate it since he's relying so much on her, but you sent it to a big group of people that don't live in the district.

You're welcome, now go fix your list. Your mail is still gonna by shitty, but hey, at least the right people will get it.

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