Monday, February 20, 2017

Barceleau Blowing Big Bucks

District 3 main money candidate Jaime Barceleau appears to not know how to spend campaign money...and I find it hilarious.

I got a hold of his first mailer he sent out and boy is it hilarious. There is a lot wrong with this piece of mail, but as a very close friend often reminds me, I need to stop giving out free advice to candidates.

So I'm not going to tell him how to fix this crappy mailer, but I will have a little fun with it. First of all, take note of the fact that he actually spent a lot of money to send this out to voters. This landed in mailboxes around February 8-10.

The reason the day it landed is significant is pretty funny, but I'll get to that a little later.

I've been making the point pretty often that his only redeeming quality as a candidate (hell as a person for that matter) is his wife, the District Clerk Norma Favela. Frankly, she's a great lady and the only reason anyone knows him is because he's her plus one to events.

And he's clearly going to ride that for all its worth. This guy actually paid money to have a mailer sent to voters that gave his marital status. I'm not making that up.

That isn't even the biggest problem with the mailer. I just found it funny.

What should concern donors and voters, is the way he blows through money. Remember when I told you to make note of the day the mailer landed? Well it turns out that Jaime, for some unknown and illogical reason, decided it was a good idea to spend money sending a mailer to voters that included the last day to file to run for office!

Seriously...what an idiot! Why would you spend your campaign dollars to a bunch of voters, many of home could be potential opponents, reminding them of how much time they have to file? Don't believe me? Look:

This happened because he is doing his own mail. There's no way he paid a consultant for that, if he did then he's less qualified than I thought. This is what happens when you don't have any substance as a candidate but you have a boatload of money and want to send something to voters so you need some filler information.

A full week before the filing deadline. Seriously, my sides are hurting from laughing at how comically bad he is at spending campaign dollars.


Luis Pablo Monroy Trespalacios said...

A vote for this candidate means an ABSOLUTE assurance the arena will be built downtown with taxpayer increases to fund this project. (2) This candidate will endorse Mr. Larry Romero (sequerda de el no?) to be appointed to the civil service commission for District 3-El Larry and Barceleau are friends from the Cathedral High School Association, (3) lastly and most importantly his treasurer is Al Velarde (sequerda de el no?) EPISD board member? Are you smart enough to put this together yet? Casey William's Madrecita is Isela Castanon Williams(sequerda de ella no?) Absolutely. She was red hot involved in the biggest fraud and corruption scandal associated in Texas School District history. Sources tell me Mr. Williams wants to leverage his election to District 3 to hush up big money who has a beef with the former EPISD administrator to help his poor Madre from Jail time. Elias Camacho and Cassandra Brown Hernandez are heavy hitters with the EPISD crowd and Suzy Byrd protégées. Watch David Crowder's KCOS channel 13 debate April 9, 2017 at 1500 for the District 3 candidate forum.

The Lion Star said...

Elias Camacho isn't a heavy hitter with anyone.

He's not at all viable.