Monday, February 6, 2017

Conspiracy Theorists Should Be Forced to Learn Government

I see a lot of really dumb conspiracy theories posted online - and I'm not talking your run-of-the-mill chem-trails, illuminati, Tupac is alive, we-faked-the-moon-landing stuff either. I mean industrial grade local stuff.

Like today's vote on the members of the El Paso County Historical Commission membership. People should be required to know what they are talking about before they create conspiracy theories to fit their respective narratives.

Max Grossman and Bernie Sargent aren't being singled-out because of their stance on Duranguito. They'd love nothing more than to play the martyr here, but the reality is the criticism I have leveled is based on what has been covered by the news.

Oh wait, let me guess, the media is in on it too right?

Grossman and Sargent and others are under investigation for a possible violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act - not because of the secret close-door meetings, but because they allegedly conducted a vote via email. Had something like that happened in Socorro and there was a subsequent investigation, no one would have had an issue and everyone would have said, "well, that's Soco-loco for ya".

Frankly, where are all the ballpark crazies on this one? Aren't you the big advocates against government secrecy and emails and shit?

Oh that's right, cuando les conviene...

And because of the actions that are under investigation, the historical designation of some important sites has been at the very least, delayed, at worst jeopardized. You can't say you care about history and then be okay with the fact that their ineptitude means that places like La Isla Cemetery in Fabens, or the old cemetery in San Eli don't have historical designations.

Those are important living sites, for lack of a better phrase, for people that live in the valley. People still visit their family members there. They still decorate the plots, they still hold Dia De Los Muertos events there. Its not just some empty building owned by some rich white guy downtown that Pancho Villa may have took a piss on one time or another.

Anywho, for those of you that don't know, or don't recall me mentioning this since like December, the members of the EPCHC were up for reappointment. They have to do that every odd-numbered year. Check your calendars kids, its an odd-numbered year.

And its all members of the commission, not just the two that are trying to make martyrs of themselves.

The Court is supposed to reconvene in a few minutes so we will see what the ultimate action of the Court is...

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