Friday, February 3, 2017

Don't Forget Young Mr. Margo

This is seriously a disastrously weak mayoral field as most of you reading this already know. Other than people being paid by campaigns, I doubt there are many people that are actually excited about a mayoral candidate.

And frankly, how could they be? Top to bottom its the biggest clown show this side of Ringling Brothers.

The reality is I'll never vote for Emma Acosta under any circumstance. Any person that wants to make government less open is certainly not worthy of a vote. Not to mention the $60 million in lost project money because of the city's ineptitude on the MPO that happened under her watch. And do I really need to remind you that she's the lady that pushed for an obscene raise for the city manager while also defending Larry Romero?

Seriously, she's the lady that wanted Romero to still keep getting tax-payer funded checks while he was just not coming to work and said he had no desire to.

Saucedo. Lol, does anyone take a double-talking saccharine candidate like him seriously? The guy not only shot, but released a video of him staring himself as Rocky. Any ego that big should not be in the mayors office.

I thought that was the funniest thing I'd seen, but to watch his two campaign consultants winning hearts and minds on social media trying to explain how a guy who has NEVER voted in any primary other than a Republican despite having plenty of opportunity to do so, and a guy who is a big fan of Rick Santorum, and who totally screwed up Cathedral's big fundraiser by bringing in an anti-immigrant speaker, and then defended it, is somehow a "true blue" "progressive". Now that is some funny shit. Don't worry, if you haven't seen it yet, it'll repeat itself on social media probably daily until election day.

There's no reason to vote for Saucedo, so I won't.

Which leads me to Dee Margo. You guys know how I feel about Margo. But I will say this, at least he's not afraid to be who he is. He's a Republican and he doesn't need over-priced consultants to speak on his behalf to try to make himself sound like someone he's not. He's unapologetically Republican - and for that reason alone, I can respect him.

But lets not forget the fact that his son thinks daddy is too good for El Paso. Remember the little Leave-Britney-Alone tired Don Margo went on after his dad lost for state representative? Well in case you did, here it is. You're welcome.


"I came out to vote for Barack Obama. That's really the only reason I came…I don't really know much about (the Margo-Moody race), but I voted for the Democrat”(El Paso Times, 11/5/08). This quote is the epitome of straight-party voter ignorance in El Paso. Joe Moody thinks that the voters of District 78 voted for ‘change’ when he was elected on November 4th, but Joe, you and I both know that you represent the same kind of politician El Paso has always sent to Austin; the same kind that will make certain we remain the Texas pariah, the laughing stock.

Joe, thanks to ignorant voters, your job was done after you made certain a D appeared next to your name on the ballot. You could have saved yourself a lot of money and avoided besmirching a good man’s name with lies had you known this sooner.

Joe, it doesn’t matter that you’re a wise-cracking kid that ridicules the military. It doesn’t matter that you promise to stop special interests in Austin while at the same time you spend hundreds of thousands of trial lawyer dollars to run false ads. It doesn’t matter that “campaign finance reform will be (your) number one priority” while El Pasoans continue to pay astronomical property taxes. Hell, it doesn’t even matter that you’ve never owned property so you have no clue what it’s like to feel the sting of a property tax bill! It doesn’t matter that you falsely accuse a businessman that employs and provides insurance benefits for nearly 100 El Pasoans AND their families of conspiring to raise insurance rates and thus his own cost of doing business. It doesn’t even matter that you’ve never attracted business or hired anybody or made the difficult decision to fire somebody or really done anything overly productive in the El Paso community. What matters Joe, is that you’re a Democrat! Congratulations!

All I can say El Paso is that you deserve what you get. As for me, although I’m a fifth-generation El Pasoan, I’ll stay in Miami for now. At least here when we elect politicians that are a joke, I can go laugh about it on a beautiful beach. When I opined this to my dad, he admonished me saying he didn’t appreciate comments like this about his city and he vowed to continue to work on El Paso’s behalf. Sorry dad, but I don’t have the same patience or unconditional love you do for this city.

Please pardon my cynicism, but El Paso you certainly don’t appreciate and you damn well don’t deserve a fine man like my father, Dee Margo.


Anonymous said...

It is awesome when a Son defends his Father. This raises Dee up a notch in my opinion. You can't "fake" good kids.
Don is a great and likable person who only adds to his Father's campaign.

Anonymous said...

El Paso does not deserve a "good" politician/ civil servant considering the condition that the city is currently in: infested with party cronyism, corrupted by an elite ruling class (Foster, Schwartz, Hunt), inability to function without unfairly taxing its people, and has self serving advocates in both chambers of commerce that maintain the elite in power over the rest of us. Just look at the downtown only benefits property owners, not anyone else. El Paso is not first. Money is.
A good politician will keep the status quo (Vince Perez, Stout, or any of our State reps) They will first ensure they stay in office so they continue to have a job before they put the interests of the people at heart.
El Paso "needs" a person who is not bound by these afflictions. That might mean that they cannot be bought financially since their posterity does not depend on the ruling class donations. It can also mean as you said, Mr.Lionstar, that this person will be uncompromising in their agenda. El Paso needs smaller government (right now), it needs an adult at city hall that wont throw tantrums for not getting free meal, it needs someone that cares about the PEOPLE!
Saucedo thinks hes a messiah, Emma has a bad record, everyone else cant win. Not that Mr. Margo is the best candidate for the job (hes out not in tune with la raza), but he will not be subject to being anyones bitch at city hall. We do deserve good politicians that can do the bare minimum, but its not what we need right now. It will only get worse as people like Dori Fennenbock and Jaime Barcelau start to get voted in because they have been convinced that it is ok to play with other peoples money (EPSID bond, ARENA) so that a few super rich donors can start to erase some red ink from bad investments (Borderplex Realty). Right now, Margo is the only real, viable choice for the people, and this is coming from a life-long El Paso Democrat of 40 + years. If a qualified tax paying, businessman with political experience such as Margo is looked over in favor of a spoiled rich kid, or politician who has already failed...then all we deserve is what we have, which is leading to nowhere fast. It will also deter potential qualified people from running since it will become obvious El Paso does not want to improve.

platners said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

The mayor does not mean shit and everybody knows it is Escobar who cuts the cheese in this town if anything Dee should run for County Judge

Anonymous said...

this is a pretty accurate description of everything wrong with EP...The only part they missed was how Fennenbocks are related to Gaddys and Meyers familes which are slowly forming the new Jewish mafia that will lord over all the brown people here. once that happens the town really does become a liberal pariah that stinks up the entire state... do people even realize what's really happening? those families along with the Mimco jews own so much downtown real estate that it's why they are pressuring for the arena to be built so that their precious real estate evaluations go up!! and to top it off the EPISD bond leader( Fennenbock) is eventually going to run for Congress . wake up people!!! your town is being taken over by out of town Jews that don't give a fuck about you and want to prosper off of your taxes. whats scary is that it sounds like some huge global level conspiracy, buts its truth..if anyone ever has the guts to call all those people out either they revolutionize the city or they are asking to be killed. there's nothing wrong with being Jewish or being a real estate developer, but this is a family oriented town with good Catholic and Christian people, it would be a shame to see it being taken advantage of by a few outsiders that only see it as an opportunity to make money and who will leave once they are done with us. Dee doesn't need their money so if anything he can start cleaning the mess up. Even Saucedo would not sell out as hard as any of the other Susie Byrd and Escobar slaves that are in league with the new Jewish mafia

Anonymous said...

yes theres a selfish jew problem in El Paso, but its too late, even Leeser is a jew, this town was taken over a long time ago by the tribe. but who cares Judaism is the same as liberalism and all that demoRATS here support them, they are pawns

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention pathetic ElPaso Inc magazine which just reports on "its all good" local news basically meaning that they only reports on the business elite and make it seem like El Paso was actually growing in fact only its prospering for a few people (yes mostly jews)... The chambers of Commerce depend on the donations of these people for their salaries so don't ever expect for them actually advocate in favor of truly small businesses. Richard Ayoub would be the first person cheerleading a child labor tortilla making factory/ prostitution ring in downtown El Paso if it benefited him or if it was owned by some rich person. Dori Fennenbock and Juan Cabrera were named El Pasoans of the year by that stupid magazine lol...thiefs!! Whats all the local idiots going to do when there's an actual citizen minded real Democrat for the people instead of the corporate entities that all closet republicans that live to serve their masters. This time we might as well let a real Republican see what they can do because right now everything is just trash and it's like we have our own illuminati here. Dee is ok, but I'm waiting for the day when we have a real Democrat representing us.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Lion Star Blog's author approving comments made by creepy anti-Semites?

The Lion Star said...

This is why people hate the comment section.

Anonymous said...

actually the comments are not anti-semetiv they are anti-corruption, in this case they correctly identify the source of corruption as jews (arabs of which there is actually a fairly large community of in El Paso are also semites, but we're not mentioned)

Anonymous said...

Seriously? "Jewish Mafia"? Do you have ANY idea how offensive that is as a Jewish member of this community and a professor at UTEP that has nothing to do with any of this?
If you want to learn more about how anti-Semitic and dangerous your comment is, feel free to take my Holocaust classes at UTEP.

Please stop, this is VERY offensive!!!!

(and please don't tell me that because your two Jewish friends aren't offended that this isn't offensive, as a professor of Religious Studies I will tell you it is! STOP!)

Anonymous said...

This argument is such crap! This is why we cannot vote for a hardcore Republican here, anything that surrounds those prople is tarnished with vicious racism and uninformed conjecture. It should never get to where a certain religious people or a class of people is being blamed for all the problems. Yea El Paso is not perfect, and yes, there's probably something to be said about a failed local Democratic party agenda, but there is no evil mafia here, Jewish or otherwise, and as anyone who is part of the real estate world knows, a good chunk of new west side properties are being bought or built by Arabs, Palestinians to boot! one of which in particular is this bright young guy who "gets it" and is thinking about running for local office. I can just hear it now if an arab runs for office here people (racist scum) are going to start saying that Isis is invading El Paso! LOL! Help us build the wall sweet baby Jesus Trump!! Give us a break!!! Any of the people mentioned, Jews, Arabs or whomever are paying much more taxes than the average citizen here, which is why they care so much about the community. It sounds more to me like somebody is envious of the personal success of others. We should be so lucky that these people would rather work for the community than exclusively for themselves or their families, which is why we should rally behind any of these folks if they step up to the plate and try to impact the city the same way they have in their personal endeavors. As far as the election goes for the Mayoral seat, its just pathetic in regards to the candidates, but there's something good to be said about a man like Dee willing to invest his time and efforts into the community when he doesn't really have to.

Anonymous said...

wow 8 comments. 2017 quota achieved - high 5

Anonymous said...

I will stop reading Lion Star Blog and no longer promote its posts in social media. Mr. Abeytia's advertisers shouldn't get any revenue if he doesn't have the decency to silence people promoting bigotry in the comments section.

The Lion Star said...

I said earlier this is why people hate the comment section. I don't endorse this shit. The reason i even let it up in the first place is to expose the fact that there is a lot of stupid going on and that bigotry is alive and well. So many people deny it, that exposing it when it shows up is a good way of showing people the reality of how dumb people can be.

Its a lose-lose for me.

Far worse in other sources.

But stop reading any time you want to. Since you didn't put your name, I have no idea if you've ever promoted it on social media to begin with, but do yourself a favor and stop reading. No skin off my back.

Anonymous said...

You don't allow criticisms of your political benefactors like Escobar, Perez and Ordaz, but you allow racist, anti-Semitic comments?

The Lion Star said...

There has been plenty of criticism of people on this blog, including those you call my "benefactors". You're an idiot.