Wednesday, February 1, 2017

El Paso County Historical Commission Needs New Leadership

I'll rip the band-aid off here, the current leadership team of the El Paso County Historic Commission has made some very bad mistakes.

Mistakes that have sparked an investigation by the District Attorney's Office and have stalled historic designation for sites in the Mission Valley including the cemetery at La Isla in the Fabens area and the cemetery in San Elizario and other projects.

The delay is because of the way the Commission voted on their issues. It was a violation of the Texas Open Meetings act.

And now, incredibly, Bernie Sargent (head honcho of the Commission) says he's putting together training curriculum for the board members to avoid that from happening again.

Are you kidding me? He's the guy who conducted the vote improperly in the first place. And according to this article in the El Paso Inc, has been doing so for years! Guess what, anyone who wants to can now go back and challenge any historical designation that was done improperly. That is a huge liability to the County of El Paso.

And it would be irresponsible on the part of the County, for Bernie Sargent and his faithful sidekick Max Grossman to continue to be on the Commission. So the conversation shouldn't be about whether they are able to train their board, the questions is why are they still serving on it.

Especially considering there is an active investigation of the commission's votes going on right now. Here's the Times' article that lays it all out.

As far as I know, members are up for reappointment. It would defy all logic if they got reappointed. Especially after the track record the duo has built up of straining relationships with elected bodies, giving the impression they speak on behalf of the County of El Paso, and oh yeah, calling two city reps pussy's (sic).

The County Judge, the County Administrator, and just about every other department head at the county are women and a lot of the participated in recent demonstrations about women's rights.

Last Thursday when there was a conversation about limiting the actions of appointees, the guys who normally jump in front of every camera in sight, Sargent and Grossman, didn't have the stones to show up to Commissioner's Court and instead three other gentlemen had to face the Court and apologize for the actions of Sargent and Grossman. The fact that there had to be an apology of their actions by other members of the EPCHC alone should be a disqualifier.

But hey, now that we are talking about it, what is the word you use to describe someone who is too scared to do something like face Commissioner's Court for their actions? Hmm, its right on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't seem to remember the appropriate word.

What's the word I'm looking for here? Somebody help me out here...


Anonymous said...

Dude, you're way too hung up on this issue. Your obsession with the El Paso County Historical Commission, when there is so much else to talk about, makes you seem petty, or worse, like you've got some axe to grind (or grind for someone else, who knows).

Anonymous said...

Lol ..that last comment has max Grossman all over it ...who by the way is not even an El Paso native

Shawn Goggin said...

You are such an ignorant POS.

The Lion Star said...

What's arrogant about expressing an opinion?

Because I'm not rich and white I'm not allowed to express an opinion? Who is really the arrogant one here?