Friday, February 24, 2017

El Pasoans Should Vote Against Saucedo & Margo

The anti-immigrant wave that has washed over America since Trump took office, happening even in our own courts in our own back yard, has created an even bigger urgency in the mayor's race in my opinion.

Immigrants in communities across this country are worried about being separated from their families.

This community needs leaders with the courage to stand up to Trump's policies and actions. That is why party matters...because of crap like what is happening right now.

Saucedo has never voted in a primary that wasn't a Republican one. He's a big fan of Rick Santorum. He defended anti-immigrant rhetoric of Lou Holtz.

Saying he's against the stadium doesn't wash him of the anti-immigrant stain. Its just his transparent gesture to try to guess the direction of the political winds and try to go with it in order to patronize voters.

He could've come out against the Holtz, Trump, and Santorum rhetoric but he hasn't. He made a video about the border that never really said anything and just seemed to be more like a commercial for his boots, which are really nice by the way. The point is, Saucedo has already had a chance to push back against that anti-mmigrant hateful rhetoric and rather than doing so, he actually defended those with the hateful rhetoric. So we already know what he would do as mayor - he'd not only capitulate to the Trump agenda, there's no reason to believe he wouldn't fully embrace it.

Hell, he went to the Lincoln Day Celebration that the local Republican Party puts on every year just the other day. Here's a pic if you don't believe me:

Dee Margo is a career Republican, much like Saucedo. He's always voted the Republican Party line in the legislature.

The bottom line is that there is no reason to believe that either of them would ever stand up to Trump's agenda - and with more and more policies hitting home, its more important now than ever that we have a strong leader that will stand up to Trump.

Las Cruces' city council came out against the Trump administration's tactics of targeting immigrants. Do you honestly have any faith that as things escalate that Trump and Saucedo would ever stand up and be the voice of their community against the cacophony of the Trump administrations anti-immigrant platform?

Saucedo wouldn't even take responsibility to the mess that happened under his watch at the Boys & Girls Club. He threw his buddy under the bus. Dee Margo didn't stand up to the GOP leadership for El Paso in the legislature.

What makes you think either of them will stand up to Trump, push back on raids in this community, and truly be the voice of El Paso?

You think its gonna be the guy who plays boxer dress-up or the guy who made a career out of toeing the Republican Party line?

But frankly, they aren't the only ones that the electorate needs to be aware of in terms of voting record. Take a look at this chart put together by the El Paso Democratic Party:

The people highlighted in red have solid Republican voting records. You should know that when they come knocking on your door asking for your vote. Some of the candidates have the audacity to ask for your vote and have never actually cared enough about city issues to ever have voted in a city election.

But they got the nerve to ask you to send them to city hall to represent you.

Knowledge is power.

Make wise choices, our community depends on it.


Anonymous said...

By anti immigrant raids do you mean anti ILLEGAL immigrant raids focusing on violent criminals and felons?
What exactly is wrong with that?

The Lion Star said...

Should I start with the fact that the agents lied?

Anonymous said...

All agents lie all the time?
The Lady in question had more than five incidents on her record. When is enough, enough?

The Lion Star said...

Well no one said that. But I'll play along...we should never tolerate when law enforcement lie to us. That's a bigger problem to our security as a community.

Anonymous said...

We should never tolerate when officials do not enforce the laws they were hired to uphold. We should never tolerate when elected officials encourage lawlessness and put the needs of other people ahead of their fellow US Citizens and Constituents.

Anonymous said...

Who do you think is qualified to be Mayor?

Acosta? A career of failures.

Other elected puppets?

There is NOT ONE El Paso Democrat in this city that could solve our mess. At least Margo is an adult. Suacedo... ..very arrogant boy who likes to see his name in the papers.

How about EPISD clowns? Cabrera? Maybe Fenenbock? Oh, nevermind, shes a Republican, and her husband donates graciously to Republicans such as Ted Cruz, as well as her family members (Downtown Arena Mafia)

Who in this city is qualified, and actually wants to run?

How about someone from the Chambers of Commmer.. er I mean, deception.

Who are your choices? Nominate someone, just make sure they are not a Schwartz, Foster, Meyers, Berg, Marcus, Lowenfield...not our current overlords.

Who can clean this up?

Anonymous said...

Expecting the mayor to "clean" up El Paso is not correct. City council as a group are much more powerful than the mayor because they create policy. They are like congress, and he mayor is like a President because they can ratify or veto. The mayor here means nothing. Council decides what to do, and then Tommy Gonzalez executes the orders. The mayor is for show, which is why the current one is a essentially a car salesman.
Council will also approve our next city manager (the city CEO) when Gonzales leaves, so we should be much more afraid that people like Tolbert, and candidates like Brown, Barcelau, who are completely unqualified to represent the people could be in charge of making decisions like hiring the next El Paso CEO.

Anonymous said...

Jaime, your tactics are getting bad...posting a pic of Herr Trump with Saucedo and Dee means nothing.

Al this means is that incapable Dems and dinos like Beto et al can be posted with pics of corrupt Dems like Brazile, and Wassherman-Schultz according to your logic.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. His volunteers came to my house and made him sound like a liberal Democrat. I feel like I was misled. This surprised me. Why didn't the media report that he went to the Republican dinner with Abbott?

Anonymous said...

Saucedo pays his "volunteers" 10 dollars an hour to make him sound like a liberal democrat. He is a democrat on the streets but a straight Republican in the luncheons with the rich.

Rick Rainger said...

What's wrong with enforcing r laws unless you Jaime do you have relatives your trying to protect probably working
Illegally .

El pasoan said...

Has any current member of city council spoken out against Trumps actions on immigration? I haven't seen anything on the news about it.