Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Well today being Valentine's Day and all, and being the cuddly hopeless romantic that I am - I thought I would send out a few Valentine's poems to El Paso politicos today. I realize I'm no Sergio Lewis, but here goes...


Roses are red,
Sweet & delicious is flan.
Got no money for teacher raises,
But they somehow found money for Juan.

Teachers helped pass the bond,
but their salad got tossed,
Cabrera gotta raise,
but you didn't...talk to your union buddy Ross.

City Council

Roses are red,
El Paso has the best weather.
City Council is a mess,
When are you people going to get your shit together?

Svarzbein & Tolbert

Roses are red,
And so are signs that mean stop.
Seriously man,
How many times are you two gonna flip-flop?

Roses are red,
Jim likes his steak, and loves political theater.
His reelection is in doubt,
Cuz Susie won't be there when he needs her.

Mayor Candidates

Roses are red,
Gold and sweet is honey.
David Saucedo's not mayor material,
He's just blowing lots of money.

Roses are red,
D.O.'s heart is dark as ash.
Emma Acosta won't be mayor,
She unpopular and can't raise any cash.

Roses are red,
Dee Margo is sour.
People hate talking to him
Cuz a minute feels like an hour.

Commissioner's Court

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
J-Rod thinks he has to chime in on everything,
And apparently Commissioner Stout, so do you.

Roses are red,
Wrestling gave us the Four Horsemen,
But they weren't and big and annoying,
As the ego on Max Grossman.


Anonymous said...

Keep your day job. What is your day job?

The Lion Star said...

Ask your mom.