Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Limón Opponent Withdraws

A source at city hall indicates that district 7 candidate Gerardo Chacon has withdrawn his candidacy. Sources also indicate that he withdrew in order to support fellow candidate Henry Rivera.

Rivera recently married Dora Oaxaca, Emma Acosta's controversial staffer and the architect of the now-infamous, now-defunct Gandara family political dynasty.

Rivera is taking on incumbent City Rep Lily Limón, who is running for reelection after upsetting the front-running Tania Chozet in a close run-off election.

Rivera is still a policeman with the El Paso Police Department and he was the money guy for the police union.

Both Rivera and Chacon filed shortly before the filing deadline.

It'll be interesting to see how Dora is going to be able to run his campaign and help her boss in her bid to become mayor. Its hard to manager a high-profile mayoral race where your candidate can't raise any money and a competitive high-stakes council race against a popular incumbent.

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Anonymous said...

Wait what Dora is married to who? Did I miss some thing here?