Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Mayor Leeser Imploding

You can call this a tale of self-inflicted wounds. But you could also call it a tale of avoidable mistakes.

Mayor Leeser, in the span of just a few short weeks has seriously, if not fatally, jeopardized any chances he ever had at ascending to the congressional seat soon to be vacated by Beto O'Rourke. Hell, if there were an actual good mayoral campaign and not this clown car of candidates we have now, he would be hard pressed to get re-elected.

But the mayor has an investigation by the Texas Rangers hanging over his head right now for a possible violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act. Despite what some of my colleagues might try to tell you, that is a big deal. That's one piece of negative mail right there. And trust me, voters in El Paso are very sensitive about having leadership they trust.

Now the stories come out that Mayor Oscar Leeser not only did a douchey move that was David Saucedo-level of douchedom, he personally called the Chief of Police to help him in his little altercation with an octogenarian, but now the recording of the altercation somehow doesn't turn up.

I know, there was a lot going on in that sentence, so lets break it down. First, who gets in a tiff with an 80 year old? Can we just stop and think about that for a second? The mayor of the 5th largest city in Texas gets into an altercation with someone who was born during the Great Depression? And then has to call back-up? Thats another piece of mail.

Keep going...the mayor calls the chief of police personally, not for something like a bank robbery in progress, a murder, or even a car accident...he calls him for back up at the - and I stole this from someone in the media - The Tiff at Tyme Matters? Another piece of mail.

Seriously, isn't that like the mayor of Gotham City calling Commissioner Gordan and asking him to send up the ol' Bat Signal to tell Batman to bring beer to his place because they are running low and the Super Bowl is this weekend?

Please tell me the mayor had a better reason for the deployment of police resources than a scuffle with Father Time...

And then you're telling me that the mayor said publicly to the media, and officially to police, that he had a recording of the incident, but then doesn't turn over the recording?

If you haven't read the link to the Times article earlier in this post, you should. There's an interesting explanation in there about pressing the city attorneys for the recording. I'll give you the cliff notes - either the mayor lied about having a recording or he's refusing to turn over the recording to authorities and the press.

Both scenarios are not good for Mayor Leeser. Yep, another piece of mail.

Unless he thought he had a recording but was mistaken, which would beg the question, why hasn't he said so?

Sit tight kids, this situation could get worse. Remember, he's a good boy. He runs a car dealership and has a lot of ad dollars to spend in this town. Hopefully businessman Leeser doesn't ever decide that he's sick of negative media coverage and try to leverage his business advertising dollars to influence media coverage of his public job. That would be really really bad for the mayor.

But frankly, the mayor doesn't seem like he'd make a mistake that big. No one is that politically stupid.

Hopefully for the mayor's sake some good news comes along the way soon because his popularity can take a Jim Tolbertesque nose dive. Which reminds me, I heard a rumor about a Tolbert opponent that could be interesting. I'll post more when I get confirmation, but things are about to get interesting in D2.

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