Monday, February 27, 2017

Picture Perfect

David Saucedo's mayoral campaign is hilarious. Its one disaster after another and it never stops entertaining me.

I found one picture that perfectly captures Saucedo.

He's a Republican and had an event were he tried to take the page of an old school Democrat, FDR.

He set-up a fire-side chat event.

It perfectly captures how artificial the campaign is - a Republican, taking a play from a Democrat and then...even the fire is FAKE!

It never stops giving!

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Augustus Snodgrass said...

This guy has shit for brains, as well as the people "advising" him. Come On!
I could understand if he lived in say, Las Vegas, or New York City, where fireplaces are hard to come by.

But in El Paso?! He couldn't even come up with a real fireplace? With real firewood? Maybe even pinon? This guy is as phony and fake as they come.
A "fireside" with a fake fire? That says it all.

It seems he so arrogant and filled with hubris. And why not? He's a pampered, spoiled millenial who has never had to struggle one minute in his entitled life. He is an incredible JERK!

I have written about him at length in the past. I am not sure if your readers can read any of my archived posts. Los Que Van Quedando, Cathedral's Old Geezers Club from the 50's...have recommended that the Cathedral Alumni vote for him. Based on the fact that Saucedo Jr. graduated there. Yeah, right, just like Larry Romero graduated from Cathedral and we all know how that turned out.

Saucedo's two claims to fame are the Boys and Girls Club and the 90th Anniversary Gala. The Gala was postponed to next month from last year due to Saucedo's rabid support of all things Lou Holtz. Then Saucedo was crying about how it "was for all the kids." (Scholarships). He will depress the turnout for La Cate. There are many people in the community who are actually beginning to hate this guy's guts. Pompous. Arrogant. Entitled.

I sincerely hope that La Gente see's through this guys being a Major Phony. If they vote for him, then I don't have much empathy for my fellow citizens--who have been warned time and time again.