Thursday, March 30, 2017

Acosta's Credibility Gap...

"Transparency is obviously very important." These are the words that were actually uttered by City Rep Emma Acosta at the Tejano Democrats candidate forum the other night.

No seriously, she really said that.

Emma Acosta, yeah, her.

She really did.

No, I'm not joking. I'll post the video later, but I assure you, she actually said it.

This link takes you to a story about City Rep Emma Acosta's agenda item, done with the help of her advisor and campaign consultant Dora Oaxaca, in which she led the effort to try to limit members of the public having access to public documents. That is not showing that transparency is very important to Rep Acosta.

As a result, the City of El Paso was nominated for an award. The award is called the Golden Padlock Award and is given to the "most secretive government agency or individual in the United States". We didn't "win", but she was a major reason we were nominated for it.

And she has the nerve to say transparency is important to her? Seriously if there was ever a member of council that should want to avoid the conversation of transparency and not want to even open that door, its Acosta.

But Acosta's credibility problems don't stop there. Remember when Larry Romero wasn't going to council anymore but was still collecting a paycheck? Who was the one that went to bat for him at the expense of tax payers?

Emma Acosta.

Who was the one who said she conducted salary research for the big fat raise for the City Manager that was double the average of what most El Pasoans make in a year by simply calling other cities and asking what they pay without getting any context?

Emma Acosta.

And more recently, check out this story in the El Paso Times about video from the Black El Paso Democrats' candidate forum that I recorded. Yet again Acosta says something that you just can't believe. Acosta basically makes the claim that she helped change a city ordinance that discriminated against women. She has no proof that she did and the person in charge of pensions at the city says its not true.

Reminds you of Trumps wire tap tweet right? Another politician who says things that aren't true, can't back them up, and then gets pissed when you ask them to...

The Supreme Court struck down pensions that paid men and women differently a full two decades before Acosta retired.

What is she going to say next, that she invented the internet?

And what does she do when she's confronted and asked for documents showing the ordinance she said existed or any documents that show she was part of a fix to that ordinance?

"I don't have any of that data. I would have to research it." Then says she doesn't have the time to find it.


The dog ate my homework defense?

And there is even more that she has said that turns out not to be true. This would be a much longer post if I enumerated every time she said something as a matter of public record that turned out not to be true.

No wonder her campaign is in trouble.

A prominent Latina with name ID in a field of male candidates with baggage - with her top two opponents being rich Republicans (Margo and Saucedo) in a Democratic town like El Paso - and she's still having problems getting financial and voter support underscores my point.

When people complain about a weak field and not having anyone to vote for, its pretty much an indictment of Acosta. On paper, voters should be flocking to someone like her. But no faith in Acosta, coupled with the other two candidates being rich Republicans is why so many people have complained about the poor field of candidates. If "None of the Above" could be an option on the ballot, trust me when I tell you that "None of the Above" would win in a landslide, no matter what Saucedo/Tolbert/Morgan campaign advisor Chris Hernandez tells everyone.

Acosta's in trouble and she doesn't have very long to bridge that credibility gap. She's running out of time.


mamboknightcat said...

Does this mean we're likely to end up with a Republican mayor?

Anonymous said...

The city and county are in such a mess, poor and confused agendas/decisions. Massive debt and toys for tots(city council) it doesn't matter or should about party affiliation. We just need someone that knows wtf they are doing !

Saucedo and Acosta, one is the captain and the other the navigator of the Titanic.

We've tried Democrats as Mayors and it's not working, neither are the people. At this time, I'm ready for ANY party affiliation.

Anonymous said...

What's your take on Elisa Morales. She's not Republican, tainted by ethical or credibility gaps or cray-cray... that we know if! And she's articulate. Is she our last hope?

Anonymous said...

None of the above is the same as an undervote (unfortunately makes winning easier for the least-objectionables).

Don't like the options, skip the race.

Wonder what the average undervote has been for that position, and might we see a new record?