Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Barceleau Bumbles; Booed...

Jaime Barceleau came across extremely rude last night at the Tejano Democrats endorsement meeting. Yes, he was heckled, yes some of the old fossils in the back of the room were obnoxious, and yes, Michael Patiño is obnoxious and wasn't even a member, and yes Barceleau was actually correct, but rule #1 in politics dictates that before they shall vote for you, they shall like you.

Boy did Barceleau screw up the arena question with this audience!

By now as a candidate, and as a freakin' adult, he should know that you don't treat people the way he did. I don't know if it was because he was cranky because of the heat or what (his poor wife was fanning him during the meeting), but he came across as a total jerk.

So people ended up getting a look at the real Barceleau. I know what you're thinking...Jaime just doesn't like Jaime for some personal reason that he keeps alluding to but hasn't said yet. Well you're right, I don't like him and every time he says stuff like he's trustworthy and a gentleman I want bust him out in front of everyone.

But you don't have to take this Jaime's word for it on the other Jaime's behavior...

Lets go to the video...(there's always video right?)

There was another incident at the end of the evening that was pretty embarrassing. Tejano Chairman Eddie Holguin was introducing Mayoral Candidate and basketball legend Willie Cager to the audience to speak and Othon Medina was in the back of the room. Cager is speaking on the microphone and Medina yells from the back, "Why doesn't he stand up?!"

He was immediately hushed by those around him, but it was awful.

(I should clarify that last night's Tejano event was very well run and other than these two incidents was peaceful. The two incidents that occurred were out of Holguin's control and shouldn't reflect on him, he just still has a few loud dinosaurs in the organization. And the Barceleau thing also included that arena guy and he isn't even a member.)


David C. Escobar said...

lmao, at the instant replay and arena hat guy.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree, he does lack interpersonal skills. His tone and demeanor indicates that only he knows what's best.

Anonymous said...

Tejano Democrats are a joke! El Paso will never move forward when you continue to have the sane incompetents involved in all the local politics. They endorse each other with no qualifications. We can't complain about federal politicians when on the local level politics is a joke!