Thursday, March 23, 2017

BEPD Dems Forum, Saucedo Tidbit

Be cool. I'm working on the video from the Black El Paso Democrats Forum and I'll post it later - along with some video from the NE Business Association. It's a lot of stuff and needs to be cleaned up.

All the major mayoral candidates attended last night and I got some good video. Including all the D3 and D4 candidates were there and two of the D2 candidates.

One little tidbit about Saucedo...a source high up in the Democratic Party tells me that David Saucedo's campaign was rejected by the Texas Democratic Party for use of VAN because of Saucedo's Republican voting record. The source tells me that his field organizer has two other municipal accounts on VAN for Jim Tolbert and Sam Morgan. So that looks like the Saucedo slate of candidates.

Also, Max Grossman is still trying to strong arm candidates telling them all that he has 30,000 voters at his disposal.

Someone tell Grossman to put down the pipe.

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