Wednesday, March 22, 2017

City Council Meeting Yesterday

On the day of a crucial vote regarding funding of projects that El Pasoans need City Reps Emma Acosta and Cortney Niland were not in attendance. I guess Acosta thought no one was going to notice that she wasn't around for an important debate?

And Niland...has she completely checked out? She's almost never at council anymore. She's really missed a lot of meetings.

I thought Dr. Noe did a good job of using video to put his colleagues on the spot about on the one hand saying they support projects but then not willing to fund them. That is pretty much the problem with most members of council.

Leeser's Media Item

Really dumb move on the part of the mayor to put the item on the agenda having to do with the release of material. You can't single out a group of people when it comes to the application of a law. Treating media differently than anyone else that makes a request is shockingly stupid.

My question is how bloggers would be treated under this policy. Would people like David K and I be treated like private citizens or would they treat us like media?

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