Thursday, March 16, 2017

CLEAT Endorses a Republican…Again

Its one thing to make a mistake. Its another thing entirely to not learn from your mistakes, so I don’t feel sorry for the self-inflicted political wounds CLEAT keeps accumulating. 

Although to be fair I should point out that the rest of their endorsements aren’t terrible. It makes sense that they would endorse Limón because she’s a friendly incumbent, Shane Haggerty because the Fire Fighters’ Association has endorsed him and he’s a union member himself, and Cassandra Brown is pretty liberal. 

I guess thats why Saucedo’s endorsement is such a head-scratcher. Sure, its probably at least partially due to the fact that this field of candidates is the worst ever, which is saying a lot in El Paso. 

But its also a tremendous slap in the face to Emma Acosta, who is an incumbent and has been on council for 8 years. If after 8 years on council and you’re the only active member of council running for office and the police that serve under you don’t support you, well thats just a pretty big indictment of your candidacy. And oh yeah, your staffer is married to the money guy…so there’s that too. 

Its seriously bad. 

But to endorse Saucedo, a Republican? Republicans are against unions and their goal is to actually eliminate unions…especially public employee unions…you know, like all municipal police unions in America. 

I know Saucedo’s field guy and we have debates about the fact that he’s working for a Republican all the time. Sometimes I feel like he’s Saucedo’s very own Spicer, but he thinks I’m “too blinded by party politics”. I think he’s just trying really hard to sell Saucedo as something he’s not, a progressive candidate. 

But the reality is that when it comes to unions, supporting a Republican is antithetical to what unions stand for. Especially a Republican like Saucedo. 

Why? Well I’m glad you asked. 

Parties are about values and governing philosophies which is why it makes no sense for unions to support a party that wants to eliminate unions. 

Saucedo’s team tries really hard to pretend he’s not a Republican, but this is something that the union should’ve checked into, so I don’t feel sorry for them. Saucedo is not only a Republican, but his political idol is Rick Santorum. 

Don’t believe me? Well allow me to read from the Book of Grossman…check out these screen shots:

Oh look, he's sad to see him go...

So now lets look at Santorum’s record when it comes to unions. Here’s a little score card from the AFL-CIO…as you can see the guy Saucedo looks up to has an abysmal record of supporting labor. 

And that’s who Saucedo idolizes. 

That tells you all you need to know about Saucedo. And the fact that the union supported him, well that tells you all you need to know about the union. 

But hey, it worked out great for them the last time they supported a Republican, amirite?

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