Friday, March 31, 2017

D2 Candidates

Here is video of two of the District 2 candidates - City Rep Jim Tolbert and Alexsandra Annello squaring off at the Black El Paso Democrats meeting last week. I am trying to get as much video of candidates as I can because I know most of you don't have the time to attend candidate forums regularly. If you're wondering why its only the two of these candidates, its because none of the other candidates show up to anything.

Some quick analysis here - Tolbert seems pretty indignant about the investigation he's currently under, that much is clear the minute he starts speaking. He pulls an Acosta and says something that is pretty freaking unbelievable. He says, "the fact of the matter is that I am accused of listening to people."

Uh, no. You are accused of breaking the Texas Open Meetings Act by having a closed door meeting that allegedly involved a rolling quorum in which you are accused of deliberating behind closed doors.

Not listening to people.

I left the camera running after he was done speaking and at the very end you can see were he starts to smack talk Alberto Halpern, who is the boyfriend of his opponent Alexsandra Annello. He accuses him of working for Susie Byrd, but I guess he didn't understand that Halpern and Annello are a couple.

Tolbert was elected on a mandate following an ethics complaint. A short period later and now Tolbert is facing a criminal investigation, something even worse than Romero faced.

Annello has some issues as well. She hasn't lived here very long and so her resume is thin. Her voting record isn't stellar either.

That might be why Tolbert's field guy thinks Tolbert is going to win without a run-off. Speaking of Tolbert's field guy and Annello's boyfriend, they are the subject of an upcoming post you'll find interesting.


David Sanchez said...

Do not always agree with you, but I do appreciate the videos you post. It helps a lot in getting to know the candidates.

Tolbert is tool and needs to go. He is extremely rude and crude.

The Lion Star said...


Anonymous said...

Is there a longer video with more candidates? I'm not voting for Tolbert, but want to see all the others before making up my mind.

The Lion Star said...

These are the only two that show up to things consistently.