Friday, March 17, 2017

Email: Oaxaca on "Extended Leave"

There are conflicting stories as to what circumstances Oaxaca is no longer with the City of El Paso as a staffer for Mayoral Candidate Emma Acosta. 

One story I keep hearing from sources in City Hall and former employees is that Oaxaca was fired. Its not clear why because even that theory has a lot of versions to it, none of which can be verified but are everything from being upset with her because she had her husband run against a colleague on council to allowing her to collect unemployment while she is able to campaign full time for Acosta and Rivera. So who knows…

The other story floating around City Hall and political circles is that she wasn’t really fired, she was just put on extended medical leave. I haven’t heard any indication as to what the medical issue was, and frankly that is none of our business anyway, but one assumes if Oaxaca’s medical situation is such that she can’t work, then she probably can’t campaign either. 

However, in an email I acquired Acosta and Oaxaca may have other issues to deal with now relating to Oaxaca’s employment status, in particular what activities a city staffer can, and cannot engage in as an employee of the city of El Paso. 

This email was sent out to staff and members of the MPO on March 7, 2017. As you can see Acosta clearly indicates that Oaxaca is not fired, but rather is on “extended leave”. 

She’s likely able to engage in any political activity, but the question some will be asking the Mayoral candidate is SHOULD Oaxaca be allowed to. Otherwise everyone can start putting their staff on medical or some other type of leave during campaign season and hold their jobs for them. Not sure that is a policy that makes sense for the people of El Paso. 

There was no indication as to what specific type of leave the City of El Paso allows for the situation stated in Acosta’s email. 

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