Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I think I found my mayoral candidate...

I was at a forum last night and I met Elisa Morales. Before I go on, let me explain something really important. I don't agree with all of her positions. There are some based on my conversation with her and a look at her website, that I think she is completely wrong on.

BUT...when I spoke to her I was thoroughly impressed with the fact that she's the only mayoral candidate that seems to have any solid understanding of policy. Smart, articulate, poised, and tough. I put my foot on the gas with her a couple of times on policy just to kick the tires and see how she would respond and she was extremely well poised and kept herself together. Usually when I press a candidate they either get pissed or they find the nearest exit.

I think I'm voting for her. Not entirely convinced, but I'm about 80% there. She's way smarter than any other candidate I've seen in the mayoral race and seems willing to take a stand on issues, even if its the wrong stand, as opposed to someone like Saucedo who seems more interested in NOT making anyone mad with an answer.

Obviously Morales' viability is suspect. She's pretty much a complete long shot considering she has no base and not much money. Frankly, she should've sat this one out and ran for city council.

She does have a couple of other problems - much like District 4 candidate Diana Ramos, she is a DC staffer that came home but there are questions as to whether she's lived here long enough to run, as discussed in this recent news story. But my view is that if Ramos is eligible, then Morales is eligible.

Morales basically left El Paso for the Land of Terrible Mexican Food (San Antonio) as soon as she graduated from Eastwood High School, but she came back. I don't think there's anything wrong with someone coming home to make El Paso a better place.

She's from the lower valley, went to Eastwood, has a Bachelors from UTSA and an MBA from A&M San Antonio.

Here's her website if you want more information.

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Augustus Snodgrass said...

Please. San Antonio is the Not the Land of Terrible Mexican Food. That would be Phoenix, AZ and their fried "chimichangas." S.A. is different. I know, it is not El Paso Mexican Food. San Antonio, besides being home to the 5 Time World Champion Spurs, also is the "Backbone of the Mexican American Middle Class" when over the years, Kelly AFB and the so many military/civilian jobs were high paying and consistent.

These jobs allowed many a Mexican American to put down roots, send their kids to better schools than they did and to slowly establish that Middle Class. No more menial, low paying jobs, nor the need to become migrant farm workers who followed the crops and the seasons. Like the citizens of the Rio Grande Valley.

Finally, it is truly sad that many indications are pointing to Saucedo as Mayor. He was crowing in his last email blast since he received the Police, etc Union's endorsement. Pathetic.