Friday, March 31, 2017

Interview with Republican Mayoral Candidate David Saucedo

He's called himself a progressive and a populist.

He's tried to brand himself as several different things during this race, including your "average El Pasoan".

He's called himself everything but what he is, a wealthy Republican born into privilege with every advantage in life handed to him. I guess thats why that boxing commercial he did was so funny to me. Boxers come from the streets, not private school. That guy has probably never been in a fist fight in his life.

Truth is, he's had every advantage in life handed to him. The average El Pasoan wasn't born wealthy with a silver spoon in their mouth nor spend their youth in fancy private schools.

But that is the truth according to David Saucedo.

To his credit Saucedo did an extended interview with me the other day and I challenged him on every position and contradiction I've written about since he announced. He took it like a man and didn't duck or dodge a single question. Didn't answer a few, but he did much more than I expected.

I can respect that. Still ain't voting for him, but I can respect him now.

And yes, I did ask about the boxing commercial...

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