Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lest You Forget...

Today is International Women's Day and it reminded me of something.

Exactly one year ago today is when City Rep Acosta had an agenda item to try to make the City less transparent. She wanted to restrict which members of the public could have access to their own documents.

And why?

Because she didn't like the fact that I had done a similar open records request of her office that had been done to other members of council's office. And lets do a quick integrity check...she looked me straight in the eye, and the news cameras as well, and said with a straight face that the agenda item wasn't aimed at me. With a straight face.

She's running for mayor. You should remember that she did that. I know that there are two Republicans that don't deserve our vote, Dee Margo and David Saucedo, but Acosta is even less deserving of it.

Just wanted to remind you of that. Something tells me you'll be getting lots of reminders about that.

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Anonymous said...

Please put up another post to get that picture of Acosta off your opening page. Worse part is that's exactly how she looks.