Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Limón Lands Law Enforcement

In a surprising development, City Representative Lily Limón landed a key endorsement from CLEAT, which is the organization that represents the police and sheriff’s unions. 

The endorsement going to Limón is a major blow to Dora Oaxaca the controversial consultant and recent staffer of Mayoral candidate Emma Acosta. Oaxaca, who was responsible for the political dynasty in the Lower Valley of the Gandara family (nearly all of which have been convicted of some wrong-doing while in office) has long had a very close and cozy relationship with the police unions. Her new husband, Henry Rivera, is the municipal police officers’ association’s money guy. 

And he’s also the opponent of City Rep Limón. Limón has been the biggest political ally of the union on council and they were obviously in a tough spot with one of their own running against a very friendly incumbent. 

I’ve known Oaxaca for years and its obviously always pretty difficult to know what to believe from what she says, but a couple weeks ago during El Paso Days she was trying to tell anyone who would listen that she had nothing to do with Rivera running for office. 

However, their relationship with the unions was Rivera’s big card to play and arguably the only real thing he could point to voters as an asset. So not being endorsed by the very organization that you’re the money guy for is a huge slap in the face to Rivera, but its a big deal for Limón. 

Personally I’m pretty surprised considering how badly they have made political decisions in the past, like endorsing a Republican for Sheriff. So the fact that the union actually made the harder decision of supporting a friendly incumbent over a member is potentially a sign that they may have learned from their mistakes. 

Oaxaca has a lot on the line with this election cycle. She’s now facing the end of her time as a staffer unless someone else picks her up, which isn’t likely. Oaxaca was getting paid as a staffer for Acosta but I have been able to confirm from a former employee, because the City Attorney’s office damn sure didn’t, that Oaxaca’s pay was also supplemented by City Reps Noe and Niland in addition to the City Manager. 

So she’s really banking on a win by Acosta. Because of nepotism rules she obviously can’t work for her husband on the odd chance that he wins, so it calls into question who she’s gonna campaign harder for. On the one hand, you’d assume it would be Acosta because that who is gonna provide an income. But not he other hand, the District 7 race is personal for Oaxaca, which is probably why her husband is running. 

Oaxaca has personally told me how much she personally dislikes Limón and a former employee that has come forward has told me how staff wasn’t even allowed to associate much with Limón’s office because of the personal rift between Oaxaca and Limón. 

If you recall, I wrote a post about how Oaxaca actually went so far as to ASK me to write about her more often in my blog one day. Well that conversation happened in Dora’s work station on the second floor. That was also one of the multiple times she indicated a dislike for Representative Limón. 

Thats why it seems like its more of a personal mission on the part of Oaxaca to defeat Limón. Thats probably why Dora showed up with her husband to the KCOS debate last night too…

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