Friday, March 3, 2017

Max Grossman: The Trumpian Ego

"When one with honeyed words but evil mind persuades the mob, great woes befall the state." - Max Grossman, quoting Euripedes.

He was talking about Hillary Clinton, but in my opinion, he could've been talking about himself.

Max Grossman's emails are the most entertaining thing around these days. He wrote another one and I have to tell ya, that guy has a Trumpian ego problem.

Before I go on, let me explain that this post has one intent - to prove what I have been saying about Grossman all along, that he has been duping people (especially Chicano activists) into thinking he's someone he's not. I told you from day one that Grossman cares about buildings, not the brown people who live in them. So this post is long, but its because there's so much to show you, so walk with me.

In a rant that you would think was straight from Donald Trump if Alec Baldwin were reading it off a script on Saturday Night Live, Grossman complains about elected officials, conspiracies, the media's coverage of him personally, and for good measure - used the term "I" about 30 different times to brag about himself - in one letter.

But the propagandist's latest email is downright funny.

I don't recall a guy being so sensitive about how he personally portrayed in the media in El Paso since Anthony Cobos. Seriously the guy is obsessed with his image and ego, criticizes the media but makes sure to praise the ones that give him the coverage he likes, gives this weird terrorist-like sound off for Rep Limón that says something about being rewarded in heaven with 70 virgins or some shit. Who the hell calls not being reappointed to a board being "humiliated and disgraced"?

But lets not go one step further without reminding ourselves of one key point...he's under investigation for allegedly violating the Texas Open Meetings Act. He and Sargent have banked their defense on the fact that they didn't "intentionally" break the TOMA and that they were never trained.

I want you to remember that. Seriously, make note of it. It'll come up on a quiz at a later date.

And that is an example of why I think he has coopted activists. He is more concerned about how he looks than anything else. And the minute he gets what he wants, everyone else will see he was all about Max all along.

Think my Trump comparison is off base? Still think he REALLY cares about the people in Do-ran-gui-toe? Well lets take a look at Max's politics, in his own words, shall we?

Remember when I told all you activists that this vato was coopting you for the sake of his own movida? Well think about all the times that Ol Max parades someone poor, brown, and monolingual in front of the microphone.

Take a look at his voting record and these posts from his social media over the last year. My fellow liberals are following a Republican pied piper. What are the odds he cares one bit about la gente?

Lets start light shall we?

Here's something really interesting coming from Grossman about how we Liberals are always involved in "identity politics". That is Republican code for the fact that they are uncomfortable with minorities talking about minority issues.

Unless of course, its Max. He apparently can parade unknowing poor brown people in front of cameras and microphones so that he can keep his buildings.

Oh, you didn't know he was a big-time conservo-nut? Oh, well allow me to show you just how crazy some of the things your pied piper says...look who he supports:

Okay, so Grossman and I disagree on politics. He's a conservative, I'm a Liberal. Its not a matter of life or death. But hey, speaking of death...take a look at what he has to say about elected officials he doesn't agree with:

I wonder what Commissioner Stout thinks about that. Especially because Commissioner Stout and Representative Limón, the only two electeds I can recall that Grossman has been publicly nice to, are both really, really, really Liberal.

And Max hates Liberals.

Sorry all you progressive liberal activists that have been following him around like groupies, he doesn't like you guys one bit.

And ol' Grossman is pretty obsessed with Muslims...Check this one out...

And he really hates the President.

Not Trump, he probably voted for that guy.

I mean the cool one.

And lets be real here for a moment. Grossman is the last guy on planet earth that should have the audacity to talk about people having to suffer sniveling, condescending lectures...

I could go on and on with all the crazy crap Grossman has said to prove exactly what I have been saying about him from day one, but I'm doubting too many of you have made it this far down the page. But for those of you who have stuck around, Grossman doesn't just tell brown people what is best for us...oh no...he also has a thing or two to say about the black community.

Check it out:

So now all you progressive liberal activists following Grossman around like he's down for La Raza like Cesar Chavez, you now know the truth.

Act accordingly.


David Sanchez said...

This dude's a douche bag. His feelings got hurt over one of my Facebook post where I said I had a hard time believing he, a college professor, did not know he was breaking the open meetings act. I also mentioned how he and Sargent monopolized the commission for so long. He cried that they were volunteers and was upset because I was "attacking" him and Sargent. He reported me to Facebook and blocked me. He can dish it out, but can't take it.

He is a narcissistic egotistical liar.

You missed an important point, though. The idiot was ranting about politics on his honeymoon! What the hell???

Anonymous said...

He is a right wing douche bag if the highest order, but that doesn't excuse your girl Claudia and her hubby Vince and their efforts to sell out poor Chicano abuelitas and kick them out of their homes to satisfy millionaire Republican donors. I doubt you'll publish my comment because you're just Claudia and Veronica spokesperson.

The Lion Star said...

Sell out?

What are YOU doing about the fucking slum lord that has been taking advantage of all those poor abuelitas for years! Don't say you stand with poor abuelitas and allow the fucking slum lord to put them in terrible condistions. Get over yourself.

Alfredo said...

Shocking - thank you for posting. Like you, I always knew Grossman was co-opting the Raza movement to save historical buildings.
But even then, I guess it was only natural to assume that an art history professor with a passion for historic architecture would be a progressive. But this right-wing stuff, man it's just crazy. I used to think Grossman was basically on our side, if (more than) a little self-absorbed and misguided in his approach. But now he just comes off as a Trump-like lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Well you don't know what I did or failed to do. For one, I have family. Biggly Question is what were your friends and clients City Reps Claudia Ordaz and Cortney doing to enforce city codes and protect vulnerable residents in our city. That's the big question. Thus far, it appears nothing and now all we see is how they're anxious to throw them out to the curb with their belongings in a trash bag like the ICE and CPB agents do to our people.

Have the courage to post. It is an important question that Claudia, Vicente and Emma have an obligation to respond to, face-to/face with our community. I have an open mind and would love to hear their answer.

Oh, and I do respect the judge for seeking a change in leadership. Grossman is a divisive and self-serving individual with bigoted views. Besides, that commission needed some color in it.

The Lion Star said...

Geez you idiot, at least know what you're talking about. The reality is you talk all that shit but haven't done anything.

You keep talking about having the courage to post when a) you haven't posted your own name you little bitch, and b) this is the second time you've said that and it's been posted.

I don't k is why you keep mentioning Perez and Ordaz considering it isn't either of their areas, but I'll play along just to put you in your place. The one you should be complaining about is Niland. It's her area.

But answer the question...have you done one fucking thing for the abuelitas? Let's be real, the answer is no.

And while you're handing out credit for the change in leadership for the EPCHC...guess who made the motion to get rid of the old regime?

That's right, you don't know. But I'll help you...his name rhymes with Vince Perez.

The Lion Star said...

So now have the courage to use your real name.

This is the part where you run away and don't...

David Crowder said...

Jaime and friends, I gotta be crazy to step into this, crazy. While I am mystified as anyone by Max Grossman's politics, I've been covering his activities as a preservation advocate for a couple of years, I guess. He has stood up for history and the preservation of places and buildings that are dear to El Paso more effectively than anyone I can think of in the 37 years I've been newspapering here.
You may not agree with the stand he and other members of the County Historical Commission, Historical Landmark Commission and County Historical Commission have taken in Duranguito's defense (I can't tell if you do or do not), but he and they have stood up with the residents and Paso del Sur have and where others have not.
If nothing else, his and their stands have been honest and pretty courageous, given all that's happened. They have stood their ground in the face of some pretty scary foes.
Last week, Grossman and good ol investigation target Bernie Sargent were at Cafe Mayapan with Paso del Sur and Carmen Rodriguez planning their campaign to stop the arena. I don't have a dog in this fight but I covered the gathering - - and there he was shoulder to shoulder with a room full of liberals, working on their behalf, not his own.
What's my point? Just that.
We are all divided these days. Some make peace, some of us make trouble and some just want to hold hands with people who care about some of the same things some of the time.
Jaime, I never saw you go after anyone they way you've gone after Max Grossman, who hasn't started this fight with you as far as I know. So, what's this really about?
Do you disagree with him and all the hysterical historical crowd about preserving Union Plaza vs the arena? Just askin.
Thanks for letting me in. No shooting please.

The Lion Star said...

Crowder, I don't buy the bukkshit of the propagandist. He cares more about how he's personally portrayed in the media than just about anything else. It's a damn shame how he's used poor brown people as a prop. He cares about the buildings, not the people. Why the hell do you think he's never once spoken ill of the slum lord. If he cares so much about abuelitas in the area why hasn't he said a single word about it? A story is gonna break soon and you'll see that they've been lying about a key element. Hopefully it'll be covered.

David Crowder said...

Actually, he has spoken about the residents of Duranguito - in front of City Council, at the Rock House and at the Cafe Mayapan. I, for one, never quoted him. But I'll agree that his great concern really is the history of the place, the dirt and what's in it, the buildings and what happened in them and the importance they would have long after we are all dead. The guy's Italian at heart. He's leaving for Rome tomorrow to meet a guy and finish a book about a great castle outside the city and the first general to use artillery. So, yeah, it's history. Never saw him dis the residents.
But, hey, you didn't answer my question. Where do you stand? Duranguito or arena? A lot of people have put their asses on the line taking a stand on that. You're a blogger. You can say anything you want here. Speak truth to power, Jaime.

The Lion Star said...

Oh my mistake. I don't care where you put it as long as it's not the railyard.

Hell put it in Max's back yard for all I care. But it needs to be downtown to have a bigger impact on the tax pace and help relieve the stress off of homeowners and start having rich downtown property owners pay their share.