Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mayoral Candidates at BEPD

Here is video of the mayoral candidates at the Black El Paso Democrats forum and endorsement meeting last week.

That was the longest forum I've ever been to. It may still be going on for all I know, I left at 11:00 last week and it didn't look like it was done yet.

Here's video of the three major candidates for mayor. So here's a quick run-down of what they all said.

Saucedo sounded like Howard Dean and Donal Trump had a baby. Yelled a lot and spoke about making history and prosperity for El Paso. It was very "Make-El-Paso-Great-Again". Prosperity for all!

Acosta sounded terrible. She fumbled her opening and most of her answers were terrible. But take note around the 5:00 mark of the video. Its pretty interesting how she characterizes her retirement settlement deal. She makes it sound like she was fighting for women, which as I understand it, is complete bullshit.

Dee Margo, and it causes me physical pain to admit this, sounded the most prepared. Don't take my word for it, watch the videos.

I give Saucedo and Margo credit for showing up and trying for the endorsement. I wish someone from BEPD would've just asked them about their party affiliation but none of them did. Also, this has happened a lot in campaigns, sometimes your surrogates, staff, or consultants aren't doing you any favors when they turn more people off than help. I was having a private chat with Dee Margo about personal stuff, completely unrelated to politics and his staff walked up and made a shitty comment to me about how he should be careful what he tells me because it will end up in my blog. (Saucedo has this problem worse than Dee to be fair).

As most of you reading this know, I don't do personal. Dee knows that and he quickly corrected her on the spot. But it pissed me off, so you know what did make my blog?

You lady.


Here are the videos...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the event.

Emma is in over her head, not clear about her goals. It irks me that she never cared about the Veterans until she decided to campaign for Mayor. Her answers were obvious as spin. Don't expect her to be in the run offs or win. At least she shouldn't.

I disagreed that David was yelling, didn't sound like it to me. Opening should be tweaked. Answers were great and he is well spoken. My beef is the Boys/Girls club issue and downplaying that he wasn't aware of the problems.

Dee has done the best but then again he is a polished speaker. Comes across as sincere, well informed, honest.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Since most other El Paso bloggers do not live here, your feet-on-the ground reports are appreciated. Don't always agree with you but I recognize your contributions.