Friday, March 31, 2017

Noe Love: The Bromance

I know, its kinda weird. I've seen it, so you can stop sending me screen shots of their respective pages. Dr. Noe has a full-on bromance with District 7 candidate Henry Rivera-Oaxaca.

He even has Henry as his profile pic.

I've had my dad, Vicente Fernandez, and Cesar Chavez as my profile pics, but I can't think of any other vato I've had as a profile pic.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. I mean me and Vince are cool and all, but I'm not making him my fucking profile pic.

But I'll address what everyone is whispering...why is Noe going all in for an opponent to one of his colleagues on City Council? Well its not a new thing. Dr. Noe doesn't like Limón and its boiled over to a really weird level.

To the point that it involves Snapchat. I'll get to that in a minute...

Dora Oaxaca is Henry's new wife. Dora, who elected all of the Gandara's in Socorro, also helped Dr. Noe in his first campaign and was getting paid by Dr. Noe while working as a staffer for Emma Acosta.

Dora hates Limón. She's personally told me that and "hate" was the exact word she used.

So its not hard to see how things work out on this one. Dora is close to Noe, Dora and Noe both dislike Limón and Henry is married to Dora.

But remember that Snapchat thing I told you about? Well a buddy of mine sent me something that I had seen before but forgotten about. Like many of you, I have a Snapchat and I'm more selective of my Snapchat friends. In fact I had to boot someone off of it today.

Anywho, when you have someone's phone number in your contacts you can look them up and see if there is a Snapchat account associated with the number. A buddy of mine both happen to have Dr. Noe's cell in our contacts and my buddy sent me an interesting screen shot.

So I checked on my phone just to double check.

Sure enough, same weird username for the phone number associated with Noe's cell.

Weird that a city rep would allegedly go so far as to use a colleague's name as part of their username for Snapchat right?

Kinda middle school don't ya think?

Gotta love city council...

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